Emergencies how does it end

In 1994, the world discovered “ER”, the show that would revolutionize the medical series forever. But how does it actually end? If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of ER as well as its ending.

It was on April 2, 2009, after 15 years of good and loyal service, thatEmergency room has shut down for good after ruling the television world for 15 seasons and 331 episodes. The cult series of Michael Crichtonawarded 23 Emmys, bowed out in front of an average of 16.2 million viewers with a special 2-hour episode. It’s called “And in the End” in the original version or “NFS, chimie, iono…curtain” with us. We still don’t know what these three analyzes measure exactly, but here we are, instinctively back in the past…

It is with the old credits, the one presented during the first 12 seasons, that episode 22 of season 15 opens in which new interns make their entry into the lively corridors of Cook County.


A teenage girl in an alcoholic coma, an HIV-positive gay patient who finds out he has terminal cancer and decides, with the support of his boyfriend, not to seek treatment, an elderly patient with a broken wrist who finds himself in hospital twice after wandering off, a bride and her new mother-in-law injured in a drunken fight during the wedding who continue to argue leaving the groom torn between caring for his mother or his wife beloved…

Cook County ER definitely never sleeps! Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) and Dr. Brenner (David Lyons), meanwhile, take care of a woman giving birth to twins. But when the second baby arrives, complications set in. The mother is discovered to have an inverted uterus and requires an emergency C-section. If the second baby requires intensive care, the mother ends up succumbing, leaving her husband devastated, while the surgeons do everything to save her.

And as if one misfortune wasn’t enough, Marjorie Manning, an elderly former patient with multiple sclerosis, sepsis and pulmonary edema, arrives at the emergency room with her husband. The latter is initially unwilling to let his wife go but with the advice of Dr. Tony Gates (John Stamos), he finally accepts the inevitable.

Before Marjorie dies, her daughter confides in Dr. Samantha Taggart (Linda Cardellini) that his mother was an incredibly difficult woman but loved him anyway. A situation reminiscent of Sam who ends up calling his own mother.

It’s also Sam’s birthday. Alex and Tony have decided to give him an unforgettable present. Sam and Tony’s day ends on a bittersweet note with a reconciliation in the air.


Mark Greene’s daughter, Rachel (Hallee Hirsh) meanwhile visits the hospital as a potential medical student and interviews for a place in the teaching program. She is interviewed by Dr. Catherine Banfield (Angela Bassett) who then confides in Carter that she passed the first stage.

The latter then shows her around the premises, giving her some indications that she will need when she is accepted into medical school. It would therefore seem that another Dr. Greene will practice in Cook County: the circle is complete.


John opens a clinic for the underprivileged. In the audience, we can see Peter Benton (Eric La Salle), his son Reese (Matthew Watkins), Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes) or even Susan Lewis (Sherry Stringfield). Carter names the facility after his deceased son, Joshua, and after the event, a glimmer of hope arises: a possible reconciliation between him and Kem (Thandiwe Newton), Joshua’s mother.

He later finds himself having a drink with his old friends, including Elizabeth Corday (Alex Kingston) came to accompany Rachel for her interview. Benton and Corday linger after everyone part ways while John, Susan and Rachel head to Cook County to begin their watch.


The episode, and therefore the series, ends with… an emergency! An industrial explosion leads several victims to the hospital. Dr. Morris (Scott Grimes) is instructed to triage patients as they arrive. In the parking lot, Dr. Carter calls out to the young Dr. Greene to help with the treatment.

Six patients in bad shape follow one another before the musical theme of the series begins to be heard. The camera then pulls back, revealing all of Cook County for the first and only time. If this is the end of Urgences, the urgencies do not stop.

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