The science fiction series “Emergence”, broadcast in France on TF1 earlier this year, has just been officially canceled by the American channel ABC. It therefore stops after only 13 episodes and will not be entitled to a season 2.


End clap for Emergence. The science fiction series carried by Allison Tolman (Fargo) and Owain Yeoman (Mentalist) has been canceled by the American chain ABC and will therefore not return for a season 2. Little surprising news when you know that the first season, broadcast in the United States between September 24, 2019 and January 28, 2020, never really found its audience with only 2.7 million viewers on average gathered in a watching audience before the 13 episodes that constituted this inaugural salvo.

In France, the broadcast on TF1 last February also disappointed. After a rather satisfactory start in front of 4.4 million spectators, the series collapsed and ended its race on March 4 in front of less than 3 million viewers. Despite an effective mix of SF mystery and conspiratorial thriller, the mayonnaise did not take. But fans can take comfort in knowing that the first season of Emergence ends satisfactorily (even if a cliffhanger came to relaunch the intrigue in the very last seconds of the finale).

Emergence, which follows the adventures of Jo, chief of the police force of a small town which takes care of a little amnesic girl who was found near the place of a mysterious accident and seems to have extraordinary capacities, is not the only series canceled by ABC yesterday since the chain also announced that it was ending the comedies Single Parents, Bless This Mess, and Schooled (spin-off of the series Les Goldberg), which stop all three after two seasons only. The hard law of series.

The Emergence trailer:

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