Elves: stupid, bloody and cheerful, the horror series is a hit on Netflix! -…

Launched on Netflix on November 28, Lutins has already climbed to third place in the platform’s top 10. But what is this Danish series that mixes horror and fantasy?

What is it about ?

While on vacation on a remote island, a brother and sister discover that bloodthirsty elves reign supreme over the scene.

Lutins, a series created by Stefan Jaworski with Sonja Steen, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Peder Thomas Pedersen …

Bloodthirsty elves

We’re not going to lie: a pitch that talks about bloodthirsty elves, that necessarily arouses curiosity … And this improbable pitch is not so surprising since Lutins is produced by the same team as the one behind The Rain, this Danish series teenage and post-apocalyptic.

The action of Elves takes place on the small isolated island called Årmandsø, a majestic place where nature dominates. It is this desire to be in the great outdoors that convinced the Svane family from Copenhagen – or rather the parents – to spend a folkloric Christmas in a rental on the island. Unsurprisingly, their plans to escape the hustle and bustle of the city go wrong when they run into what initially appears to be a pothole on the way to their secluded cabin.

Later that evening, the youngest daughter, Josefine (Sonja Steen) – curious and reckless for some, unbearable stubborn teenager for others – discovers that the pothole was, in fact, a baby pixie. The little creature, half-cute, half-hideous, has two large marbles for eyes that melt the girl who recklessly decides to bring her home to take care of her.

Elves: stupid, bloody and cheerful, the horror series is a hit on netflix! -...
Henrik Ohsten / Netflix

The archetype of the unbearable teenager

Named Kee-Ko, the critter looks like a hybrid cross between an XXL Troll doll and Guardians of the Galaxy Groot. The worry is that baby Kee-Ko has an angry family and parents barricaded by the islanders behind a large electrified fence. And that, Josefine, goes way above his egocentric concerns.

But behind all this fantasy, we can guess a real guilty pleasure on the part of the authors to make Josefine, the teenager who would knock the most zen people out of their hinges. Even though the series spends a little while establishing a touching relationship between herself and Kee-Ko – with nods that sound like beacon calls to ET, The Gremlins or even Stranger Things – it puts all ideas into action. stupid things that go through his mind.

You will understand, all the folklore around the elves in this series is very far from the spirit of Christmas. Especially since the adult goblins look like species of wooden logs with the skull in the shape of cones and sharp teeth. And even if the massacres take place outside the field, we can guess that their victims (animal and human alike) end up in minced meat.

Elves: stupid, bloody and cheerful, the horror series is a hit on netflix! -...
Henrik Ohsten / Netflix

Homemade production

Another point that can arouse hilarity more than fear: the special effects. We guess that the budget allocated to production for adult elves must be one thousandth of that allocated to their American counterparts. Adult critters, with razor-sharp fangs, are much more frightening when they hide in their vast territory than in the open.

Even the sound effects used to announce the threat that will soon arise is something to smile about. And of course, the whole thing is shrouded in fog and howling winds to give it a little more credibility. Or not.

Funny thing is that the most terrifying inhabitant of Årmandsø is not one of those supernatural beings but rather a grandmother – owner of the small grocery store on the island – played by Ann Eleonora Jørgensen . Determined to protect her community at all costs, and the elves, she passes for an enlightened one a little too close to nature.

It’s just a shame that the series is missing out on its potential. There is a hint of environmental commentary about the sometimes infuriating – and let’s put it bluntly – inability of the Svane to respect the environment, while the series flawlessly pits rural and city-dwellers against incompatible populations.

But the real success of this series is its format: six episodes of 20 to 25 minutes that crunch in no time. And for those who don’t like Christmas – yes, these people do exist – Elves is the perfect antidote.

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