Elusive: José Garcia confused with Robert Downey Jr.!

The Hollywood feature film “Insaisissables”, broadcast this Thursday evening on M6, offers a small role to the French actor José Garcia. Who in the United States has been mistaken for Robert Downey Jr.!

Broadcast this Thursday evening on M6, Insaisissables, led in particular by Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson, allows two French stars to shine: Mélanie Laurent and José Garcia. While the first plays an Interpol agent, the second slips into the shoes of a spectator participating in a magic trick intended to rob a bank.

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If Mélanie Laurent already had to her credit a nice experience across the Atlantic with roles in Inglourious Basterds and Beginners, the feature film Insaisissables marked the very first Hollywood experience of José Garcia. An experience that allowed him to be confused with a certain … Robert Downey Jr.!

In 2013, director Louis Leterrier revealed to our colleagues from Première that an American journalist had taken José Garcia for the hero of Iron Man when the first images of the film were presented to the US press. “After the screening, a reporter who had seen the trailer comes to me and says, “That’s great, Robert Downey Jr.’s cameo!” I go, “Sorry?”, remembers the filmmaker with amusement. “The guy confused José with Robert Downey Jr. when he saw his brief appearance in the trailer.. I called José afterwards, but I didn’t tell him … It would probably have made him too happy! “

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These stars … who look alike!

Elusive: josé garcia confused with robert downey jr.!

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These stars … who look alike!

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