Elusive 2 on M6: where is the 3rd episode?

Elusive 2 on m6: where is the 3rd episode?

After two opuses released in 2013 and 2016, the Insaisissables saga is slow to give us a 3rd part. Is the project still relevant today?

After the success of the first two parts of Elusive, Lionsgate did not hesitate very long before starting the production of a 3rd episode. With the franchise grossing $ 685 million at the global box office, the studio doesn’t want to let go of its goose that lays the golden eggs.


However, five long years after the release of the second opus, directed by Jon M. Chu, Insaisissables 3 is still pending. In May 2015, Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, however assured that his teams already planchaait on this film. The producer was very optimistic to announce this while the second episode had not even shown the tip of his nose in the cinema.


In October 2015, Louis Leterrier, director of the first part, even announced at the microphone of AlloCiné that he was writing Insaisissables 3 and that he intended to shoot it after the release of Grimsby – too special agent. It is clear, six years later, that the director preferred to fly to other skies. He notably directed episodes of Dark Crystal and Lupine with Omar Sy. The latter will also find the filmmaker for Les Gars Sure, sequel to the action comedy On the other side of the periphery.

The team of magicians, made up in particular of Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg or Mark Ruffalo, will they then come back and give us a third sleight of hand? After a year-long radio silence, the project was talked about again in November 2016. Lionsgate announces that it has recruited Neil Widener and Gavin James to succeed Ed Solomon in writing the script for Elusive 3. Unfortunately, even for the best illusionists of the world, a film cannot be made with the wave of a magic wand. Thus, the project is stored in a studio drawer, sinking into Hollywood oblivion.

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Four years later, in April 2020, Lionsgate pulls Elusive 3 out of its hat! The studio claims to have hired a new screenwriter in the person of Eric Warren Singer (American Bluff, Top Gun Maverick).

“Eric has always been fascinated by the art of deception and delusion, and he came to us with a great story that takes the mythology of Elusive and takes the 4 Horsemen to a whole new level, with the return key members and new characters “, confides the studio. “Singer’s fresh start will keep the fun, magic and spirit of the original, and introduce new characters to this world while creating opportunities for the original cast to return.”, says Lionsgate.

This last sentence suggests that this 3rd opus would perhaps be considered as a kind of reboot and no longer as a real sequel. In any case, the franchise is still in the pipeline at the studio. However, almost a year after these statements, it is again radio silence on the side of Lionsgate. Will the magic of cinema operate for a third time? Nothing is less sure.

“Elusive”: Louis Leterrier’s magic trick

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