Elite on Netflix: what is the ever crazier season 4 of the Spanish series worth?

Available this June 18 on Netflix, season 4 of Elite was announced as a revival with the departure of several of its main actors and the arrival of new faces. Are these new episodes of the Spanish series worth a look?


While Las Encinas welcomes a severe principal and three new students, the gang will have to redouble their efforts to improve their academic results and especially move on after the departure of several of their friends.

The entirety of Season 4 is available on Netflix. Episodes viewed: 4/8


After three seasons, the Elite series returns for a fourth round of episodes on Netflix which was to initiate a certain revival with the departure of five main actors, Álvaro Rico (Polo), Ester Expósito (Carla), Danna Paola (Lu), Mina El Hammani (Nadia) and Jorge Lopez (Valerio). The interpreter of Polo had announced it to Popbuzz, season 3 marked “the end of a cycle” and the fourth season the start of another.

With the arrival of new blood and a new return to school in Las Encinas, the opportunity was therefore perfect to “reboot” the series and start in a new direction. Sadly, the gravy doesn’t take this time around with the new episodes of what was a good guilty pleasure Spanish.

Creators Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero use and abuse the ingredients that made the series so successful by plunging headfirst into painful exaggeration.


This fourth season looks like a rehash of the inaugural season, which was a good and effective surprise, with much less charm, too many scriptwriting facilities and a lack of charisma among its new characters. We regret Danna paola who played with a lot of mischief Lucrecia and her replacement Carla Diaz in the skin of Ariana is struggling to live up to her archetypal character.

However, we appreciate the freshness of Martina Cariddi, who embodies the disturbing but touching Mencía who turns the head of Rebeka (Claudia Salas). However, one cannot help but agree with Ander, who compares the new ones to “metastases that screwed up everything” in the trailer.

What could have been a pledge of renewal finally pulls down the old ones, who had known how to evolve in three seasons, and who fall back into ridiculous and clichés.


If the form of the series still keeps as much punch, style and rhythm, we deplore a lack of investment in the background and a great scriptwriting laziness which is detrimental to the characters. Elite is still as fun to watch as ever but deserves a real reboot with a whole new generation of students at Las Encinas, rather than fall back into the easy way by adding a few new faces.

This risk-taking could pay off if the creators of the series try it out for season 5, which has already been ordered. Especially since they could always bring in fan favorite characters, whom they have a hard time letting go, for their Short Stories spin-off, which works great with thoughtful duets and trios and well-written little storylines. .

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