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Season 5 of Élite explores a new cliche of teen series with a problematic love triangle, which also offers very hot scenes for the public. Warning, spoilers.

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Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen season 5 of Élite before continuing to read this article.

A great success on Netflix, Elite is back in force with an even crazier, hotter and more problematic fifth season than the previous ones. Twists, new faces and big changes are on the program for these new episodes.

The very popular Spanish series of carlos montero and Dario Madrona welcomes two students to Las Encinas in the fifth season: the Argentine actress Valentina Zenere (Soy Luna), which portrays Isadora, a young heiress to a huge nightlife empire, and André Lamoglia (Juacas), who plays Iván, the son of one of the biggest soccer stars in the world, and who gets closer to Patrick.

This season 5 also welcomed a young French actor, Adam Nourouwho plays Bilal, a student who will meet Omar (Omar Ayuso), freshly separated from Ander.

A problematic relationship

Like any good series for teens, Élite deals with major themes already seen in other teen dramas, with more or less relevance and finesse. We think in particular of the plot concerning Philippe (Pol Granch), who tries to redeem his conscience after being accused of sexual assault and rape.

The subject is treated with much too much lightness and it is difficult to understand the attitude of his ex-girlfriend Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), who tries to help him change his behavior rather than make him understand that he must assume his actions, especially since a victim spoke out at the start of the season.

Elite on netflix: this taboo relationship in the teen series that spices up season 5 - news...

But this story arc is not the only one in Elite season 5 to be treated in a weird way. The Spanish series ventures into whole new ground with a shot it has (surprisingly) yet to deal with.

It concerns the love triangle between Iván, his father Cruz Carvalho (Carloto Cotta) and Patrick (Manu Ríos). At first, Iván and Patrick turn around but Iván finally prefers to get closer to Ari (Carla Diaz), Patrick’s sister. For his part, Patrick will let himself be seduced by Cruz, Iván’s father, who is a professional footballer and very party animal.

Yes, a student therefore has a relationship with a parent in this fifth season. And if in the series for teens, this kind of relationship often concerns a student and a teacher (hello Riverdale!), Élite chooses to treat this adult-adolescent romance through the prism of the discovery of a sexuality.

Indeed, Cruz thanks Patrick for having opened his eyes to his sexuality before leaving him and realizing (finally!) that it was not normal to have sexual relations with a teenager.

Elite on netflix: this taboo relationship in the teen series that spices up season 5 - news...

For once the Spanish series is a little interested in the parents of the protagonists, apart from the headmaster Benjamin, who is Mencia’s father (Martina Cariddi), Ari and Patrick, it’s for that parent to start a “romantic” relationship with a student and create tension with their own child.

But this “love triangle” is a good excuse for the screenwriters to offer scenes hot to the public, very fond of this kind of sequences in the Spanish series. Since not only Patrick sleeps with Cruz but he also gets along with Iván, who wanted to test with Patrick and who realizes that he is also attracted to him.

After having finally realized that his relationship with Patrick was toxic, Cruz pushes his son Iván to fight to save his romance with the young man, believing that he cannot allow himself such happiness. The plot of the footballer who cannot assume his homosexuality in this environment could have been more interesting and better treated in Élite, but we cannot ask too much of a series which has made its business of stories of murders and of sex as crazy as implausible and problematic.

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