Elite on Netflix: the sex and rock’n’roll Christmas of Caye, Samuel and Patrick in the …

New Elite Short Stories on Netflix! Here is our recap of the little sex, drugs & Christmas rock’n’roll adventures of Caye, Samuel and Patrick. Warning, spoilers.

Before discovering season 5 of Elite, the Spanish series returns to Netflix with its Short Stories format for a season 2 in Christmas sauce. Far from plaid, romanticism and hot chocolate, these three new small series of 3 episodes promise us spicy adventures.

The three Short Stories, all available on Netflix, tell us about the end of the year sex, drugs & rock’n’roll celebrations of Caye (Georgina Amorós), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Patrick (Manu Ríos). Here’s what to remember. Warning, spoilers.

Elite on Netflix the sex and rocknroll Christmas of Caye

Caye as Mother Christmas

In the story “Philippe, Caye, Felipe”, they try to sell us a Christmas TV movie condensed in 30 minutes on a couple with whom we don’t have much to do: Cinderella Caye and the Franco-Spanish prince Philippe. Playing the good Samaritan for the end of the year celebrations, Caye engages in a clothing donation center and offers her services as a seamstress to one of the volunteers called Felipe.

Obviously this new love interest played by Àlex Monner will remind him of his ex Phillipe (Pol Granch), who will unsurprisingly join the equation to form a brief and rather bland love triangle. From the first minutes, the wobbly staging, in the literal sense of the term since the camera is very close to the faces and tilted, gives us the impression of swaying. Do they want to make us sick on purpose so as not to have the strength to zap?

Even if the plot leaves something to be desired, certain moments cause hilarity (or discomfort, it depends) like Emily in Paris: the shouting in ridiculous French between Phillipe and her mother, the declaration love in front of a bed of Desigual mannequins from Phillipe to Caye or the ridiculous name of the dog that Phillipe’s mother almost crushed, and that’s it. Only poor Felipe saves the day with some flashes and we even hope to find him in season 5.

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Matias Uris / Netflix

Samuel wants to save his crib

Elite‘s Dan Humphrey is once again in trouble in the story “Samuel & Omar”: he discovers that his mother has not paid the rent for their apartment for 3 years. He is given a month to collect 20,000 euros to reimburse the heirs of the suddenly deceased owner, otherwise he will be expelled (yes, the winter break does not exist in Spain).

And rather than playing it La Casa de Papel, Samuel finds nothing better than to create an Only For You account (not to say OnlyFans, the subscription service for photo and video content largely of a pornographic nature. , editor’s note) on the great advice (or not) of his roommate Omar (Omar Ayuso). However smart in general, Samuel passes for a sucker by thinking that the students of Las Encinas will not recognize him in his sexy photos with the uniform of the chest that he tries to sell on the site.

With a mask that barely hides his eyes, the students recognize him directly and clash on Twitter. Result: Samuel loses his scholarship, his place in high school, his odd job and even his “girlfriend” Ari. Fortunately, Rebeka (Claudia Salas) has a genius idea: to have all the students take the same photos as Samuel to create a kind of little revolution and avoid the young man’s dismissal. His problems were solved in 5 minutes, top time. Suffice it to say, this story was mainly used to rinse the eye on the photos of Samu, who will return to high school to perhaps finally get his baccalaureate.

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Patrick and the Three Kings

To forget the tragic events of season 4 of Elite, Patrick spends his time partying. What does not please his family in full depression in a luxurious house but as sad as a hospital room. While he is suffocating at home, Patrick leaves to isolate himself in a chalet in the middle of the forest in the Short History dedicated to him.

The story does not turn to the horror film (too bad) but rather to a less inspired version of Euphoria. Patrick is dragged in spite of himself into a huge party where he plunges head first into the powder. Completely stoned, the young man thinks he is having a good time with the Apollos who take themselves for Three Kings but is rather subject to hallucinations and revisits moments of his past with his mother.

This completely megalomaniac but quite interesting trip finally allows him to realize that he cares more than anything about his family and that he should not blame Mencia (Martina Carridi) for the disappearance of their mother. For Patrick, this Christmas was synonymous with forgiveness and repentance. This Short Story was perhaps the most relevant and stylish of this season 2 with a slamming soundtrack and pretty polished staging.