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Like his friend Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper is also leaving the Netflix Elite series. He won’t be back in Season 5, which is currently filming.

Elite on netflix: arón piper also leaves the series - news series on tv
Elite on netflix

Fans expected it but it’s now official:

Arón Piper, Ander’s interpreter, won’t be back in season 5 of Elite. While his character decides to leave for an improvised world tour with Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) at the end of season 4, the actor takes the opportunity to also leave the Netflix series.

It is therefore a new departure among the main cast of the Spanish series, of which ultimately only Itzan Escamilla (Samuel) and Omar Ayuso (Omar) remain. The latter will return to Las Encinas in season 5, where they will have to live with a terrible secret: it is indeed Guzman who killed the businessman Armando, who had abused Mencía. The next episodes, currently filming, should deal with the fallout from this crime.

And to spice up the action even more, Elite will welcome three new faces: Argentine actress Valentina Zenere (Soy Luna), Brazilian André Lamoglia (Juacas) and Frenchman Adam Nourou (Adù).

To discover Arón Piper’s farewell, it’s in the video below. And if you’re sad not to see Ander on TV again, he could make a thunderous comeback in Elite’s short stories, if Netflix renews the format.

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