Eiffel Tower Vs Tokyo Tower: Is There A Comparison? Let’s Find Out!

Who hasn’t heard and dreamed about the Eiffel Tower?! But Tokyo Tower? Well, chances are you won’t know about the latter unless you’re planning a trip or have been to Japan. Interestingly, both the towers mentioned look quite similar. Tokyo Tower is actually a famous attraction of Tokyo city.

And even though they look like mirror images of each other, there are actually many differences between the two. So, here’s a great blog post, ‘eiffel tower vs tokyo tower‘, comparing both in different parameters!

1. which is taller

eiffel tower at dusk


tokyo tower at dusk


There is not much difference in the height of both. The Eiffel Tower has an estimated height of 324 metres, while the Tokyo Tower is taller with a height of 333 metres. Despite having a minute difference in height, there is a big difference in the number of floors in these two towers. While the Tokyo Tower has a total of fifteen floors, the Eiffel Tower is only three floors high.

2. What types of passengers does each primarily serve?

Eiffel Tower


Tokyo Tower


As we all know that the Eiffel Tower stands as a symbol of love, and is mainly targeted by honeymooners across the world, Tokyo Tower is visited by all types of travelers, be it family or Be it a holiday or a honeymoon. Although we see families coming to see the Eiffel Tower, the majority are often love birds.

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3. Which is more crowded?

eiffel blossom
Tokyo Tower during cherry blossoms


Talking about the crowd of tourists, you might be thinking that the Eiffel Tower would be more crowded than the Tokyo Tower, but actually both are equal in this case. Even though the Eiffel Tower is world famous, Tokyo Tower, despite being a lesser-known attraction, attracts many travelers, especially those visiting Tokyo or its surroundings.

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4. View from the towers

view from the eiffel tower
View from Tokyo Tower


The view from the top of the Eiffel is the Champ de Mars, Avenue Foch, low-rise well-furnished French buildings and of course the sparkling Seine River. The Eiffel Tower is situated in the middle of a vast open area. Creating a paradox here, if you reach the top of Tokyo Tower, you will see a stunning city view! Skyscrapers and busy streets are visible from this beauty.

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5. Offering Experience

dinner at the eiffel tower


glass floor in tokyo tower


Both the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower offer a myriad of experiences to visitors.

talking about Eiffel Tower, the main attractions are definitely the fine dining restaurants that keep your spirits high with delicious food, stunning views and age-old French wines. The Esplanade is a beautiful place to walk just below the tower. There are sculptures, gift shops, and eateries on this level. The first floor or transparent floor is at a height of 57 metres. Apart from the glass floor, immersion shows and cultural pathways are the star attractions of this level. The second floor primarily houses the prestigious Jules Verne restaurant. Head towards the glass-walled elevator and reach the top level Vertigo at an altitude of 276 metres. The panoramic views, Gustave Eiffel’s office and the Champagne bar definitely steal the show.

Tokyo Tower There are two observatories. The first (called the main observatory) is at an altitude of 150 metres. From this point you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the Kanto region. You can also relax in a coffee shop or spend time shopping. The special observatory is situated at an altitude of 250 metres. This floor has a glass lower floor section, and you can see not only the city but also Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukuba.

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Other Tourist Information

eiffel tower at night


tokyo tower at night


Eiffel Tower

Time: 9:30 am to 11:45 pm
entrance fees: from 10 euros for adults
There are special timings and entry fees, Click here for information)
Best time to visit: around the year
Made in: 1887

Tokyo Tower
Time: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
entrance fees: From 900 yen for adults
Best time to visit: around the year
Made in: 1957

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Despite being exactly similar in appearance, both the towers have their own charm. Even though the Eiffel Tower has been on your bucket list for a long time, now is the time to add another name to the list, Tokyo Tower! So plan your international trip now and compare these man-made wonders for yourself!

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FAQs About Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

What is the purpose of Tokyo Tower?

The purpose for which Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 was to serve as a TV broadcast antenna for the Kanto region. It is painted orange and white as per aviation safety rules.

How many floors is Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower has 15 floors.

What type of towers are the Eiffel and Tokyo towers in France and Japan?

Both towers are framework towers made of metals.

Is Tokyo Tower a copied version of the Eiffel Tower?

No, it looks like a similar tower in Tokyo. Nevertheless, the design of any freestanding framework tower in this world looks like this. Only the height of such towers matters.

Which free-standing man-made structures are popular in this world?

Still, the Eiffel-Tower-vs.-Tokyo-Tower will be confusing for many people. The first is over a century old and is world famous and an iconic landmark in Paris. The latter is just six decades old.

What can tourists do at the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower?

The Eiffel Tower has an observation deck at 906-feet AMSL. Tokyo Tower has an observatory at 819-feet AMSL. Both towers are best for 360-degree city views.

Do the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower serve for communication purposes in the respective cities?

Yes, both towers serve radio and TV broadcasting in their respective cities.

Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower, with its dining, shopping and entertainment facilities?

Tokyo Tower has more tourist facilities and amenities than the Eiffel Tower.

Which tower looks more impressive in illumination at night, the Eiffel Tower or the Tokyo Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is much more impressive to look at than the Tokyo Tower. this is because; There are no tall buildings near this tower.

Which tower is the lover’s paradise, the Eiffel Tower or the Tokyo Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is a lovers’ paradise. The tower is set in a spacious lawn and garden. It also has many eateries and entertainment venues.

Can people of all ages visit the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower?

Yes, people of all ages can visit the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower. These towers have stairs and lift facilities.

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