Eiffel: offbeat release for the film with Romain Duris and Emma Mackey

The Eiffel Tower is postponing its opening on the big screen: the release of the ambitious “Eiffel” is postponed from summer to autumn 2021.

Is a new wave of shifts in dark rooms emerging? After the animated film Aya and the Witch (postponed to an undetermined date) and What have we all done to the Good Lord (postponed from October 2021 to January 2022), it’s the Eiffel Tower , film-event by Martin Bourboulon, to see its release postponed for a few months.



Martin Bourboulon

Romain Duris,
Emma Mackey,
Pierre Deladonchamps,
Armande Boulanger,
Andranic Manet

Released on

25 August 2021

12 biopics expected in 2021-2022

Initially dated August 25, 2021, the historic romance worn by the couple Romain Duris / Emma Mackey will now find its way to cinemas on October 13, 2021. An ambitious period film, the feature film will focus on the creation of the Eiffel Tower for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 while the engineer recrosses his love of youth: a forbidden relationship that inspires him to change the horizon of Paris forever …

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