Eiffel: 3 good reasons to choose a Dolby Cinema room to see the dizzying biopic …

In the cinema, Eiffel approaches the construction of the mythical Parisian monument through the love story lived by Gustave Eiffel. A biopic carried by Romain Duris and Emma Mackey, to be discovered in the Dolby Cinema room for a breathtaking rendering.

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Having just finished his collaboration on the Statue of Liberty, Gustave Eiffel is at the peak of his career. The French government wanted him to create something spectacular for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris, but Eiffel was only interested in the metropolitan project. Everything changes when he crosses paths with his youthful love. Their forbidden relationship inspires her to change the Paris skyline forever.


Large-scale biopic by Martin Bourboulon, Eiffel focuses on the love story between Gustave Eiffel and Adrienne Bourgès, and on the impact it had on the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Evidenced by the final scene which lifts the veil on a key element of the inspiration of Gustave Eiffel, even if it is not attested by historians.

Eiffel: 3 good reasons to choose a dolby cinema room to see the dizzying biopic...

Thanks to Dolby Vision technology which delivers images with extraordinary brilliance, incomparable contrast and fascinating colors, the elaboration of the Iron Lady is very impressive. Combining green backgrounds and reconstructions in real settings, the site takes on a dreamlike appearance with breathtaking aerial shots of Paris at the end of the 19th century.

The feature film also presents an incredible costume parade, immersive sets, all bathed in a real work of light. A photographic dimension magnified by the image quality and visual comfort of Dolby Cinema rooms.


At least at the height of the visual, the sound of Eiffel also allows you to immerse yourself in this fascinating episode, even if fictionalized, of the career of Gustave Eiffel. The Dolby Atmos system transports us to the heart of the action with incredibly realistic sounds that envelop us and move around us and in the room.

Eiffel: 3 good reasons to choose a dolby cinema room to see the dizzying biopic...

A rendering that offers perfect synchronization with the action unfolding in front of our eyes, such as when we hear the noises of forges, the creaking parquet in offices or the sound of building sites with metallic flashes.

All without forgetting the original music by Alexandre Desplat, which alternates mechanical rhythms and more airy pieces, especially during the couple scenes between the characters played by Romain Duris and Emma Mackey.

Eiffel: 3 good reasons to choose a dolby cinema room to see the dizzying biopic...


Besides the big screen and the quality of the sound, aficionados of the seventh art love the experience of a dark room for comfort. In Dolby Cinema theaters, this reaches new heights thanks to the leather seats of incomparable quality, upholstered in the backrest and headrest.

In addition to excellent visibility on the screen, whatever your place in the room, these chairs have a very large legroom, are reclining and have a footrest to find yourself almost lying without never be disturbed by his neighbor.

All seats are obviously accompanied by a bottle holder and a tablet to store popcorn, sweets or personal items: enough to make the most of Eiffel for 1 hour 50 minutes!

Eiffel: 3 good reasons to choose a dolby cinema room to see the dizzying biopic...

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