Egypt’s First Ever Long Distance Hiking Trail Is Taking The World By A Storm! Find Out Why

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A good news for all hikers and nature lovers who want to visit the beautiful land of Egypt is the newly opened Red Sea Mountain Trail. The main objective of this tract is the complete ownership of the local tribe of Maza The aim is to convey an authentic experience of the Egyptian winds and rugged mountains accompanied by Bedouin tribes. It just keeps getting better from here.

In fact, if it were not for the local people, we would not even know about this route as it is a commonly used route by these tribes for various purposes like hunting and trading. Making their knowledge available to all travelers also benefits the communities it has helped create Egyptian long distance walking routeSo that our people can be employed for the same.

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camel ride in egyptcamel ride in egypt


According to a statement made by Ben Hoeffler, one of the main founders of the trail, the trail is about redefining tourism of the Hurghada region and gradually increasing the role of the Bedouin people as leaders, giving them Get a chance to fully portray your legacy. The world at the same time.

The special thing about this trek is that not only will the travelers be accompanied by Bedouin cameliers and guides all the way, but they will also be provided with authentic cuisine for an extraordinary experience. It takes about 10 days to travel the entire journey, especially on this route, into the glorious past of this region. If this hasn’t intrigued you yet, we don’t know what will!

The only question is, will you dare to enjoy the exhilarating experience of completing this 170 kilometer distance yet?

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There is nothing better than international travel, especially when it comes to visiting a culturally rich and humble country. Egypt holidays make your world trip perfect! Make sure you don’t miss this mountain trail that you must visit for a true Egyptian atmosphere!


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