Egō, The Innocents, She Will: 3 favorites of Club 300 AlloCiné at the Gérardmer Festival…

They left, they saw and they loved “Egō”, “The Innocents” and “She Will”: three members of Club 300 AlloCiné share their crush at the 2022 Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival.

Egō, the innocents, she will: 3 favorites of club 300 allociné at the gérardmer festival...

The 29th Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival ended last weekend with the triumph of the strange Egō (Grand Prize and Young Jury Prize) and The Innocents (Critics’ Prize and Audience Prize). Present in the Vosges mountains, three members of Club 300 AlloCiné* acted as special envoys for us, and share three thrilling favorites with you…

*As powerful as the Avengers team and as prestigious as Le Cercle des Poètes Disparus, AlloCiné brings together its most active members within its famous Club 300 AlloCiné! Each month, we reveal to Club members several films and series in preview for which they express an opinion at the end of the screening.

3 favorites of Club 300 AlloCiné

  • The Innocents through Nicolas Lepretre (

A film with children with superpowers and who do not experience it as a gift and with all the complexity of childhood, of self-discovery, of the control or not of one’s emotions. A meticulous staging and dizzying shots, an incursion into a fantastic cinema very close to reality and four incredible young people: we could talk for a long time about The Innocents which offers a real proposal of genre and a very beautiful realization.

Making a film with children is never the easiest undertaking, especially in genre cinema. If The Children had terrified us like this, The Innocents constantly playing on the tightrope with this quartet living in a city, four young children who discover their powers and let themselves be carried away by their most primary emotions.

The word innocent is not a coincidence and it is often by this word that we describe youth but Eskil Vogt the director likes the range and the duality of his subject: are these children so innocent as that and unaware of what they are doing? Of the scope of their acts, of the violence engendered?

Horror and terror often hide behind angelic faces and behind these four children not spared by life.

The Innocents is not a superhero and action film: it’s a fantastic drama that gradually switches to other themes and takes us with it into this sad, chilling, frightening story in many ways. A real favorite !

  • She Will by Alice Caputo (

She Will is Charlotte Colbert’s first feature film in which we follow the retirement in Scotland of Veronica Ghent, who has just undergone a double vasectomy, and her nurse Desi. They quickly realize that the place has been the ground for witch hunts and that it has magical properties that will allow them to take revenge but also to assume their bodies (amputated for the heroine) and their femininity.

If the film does not lack dramatic tension, nor images of horror, it goes against the genre by managing to give the viewer instead of fear a feeling of power and protection. To this we can add a very good cast, in particular the main actress: Alice Krige (who came to present the film), controlled photography with a taste for the organic, and effective staging. The film already has a release date in France, August 31, 2022.

  • Ego through Nadège Deschamps (

Ego is a metaphorical film that uses fantasy to tell us the story of Tinja, a young teenager who is looking for herself, in a family that plays a lot on appearances but hides many secrets. A real critique of today’s society where everything looks beautiful in the photo… Filled with originality, the film has many qualities such as the visual effects, offering us a surprising creature, the music or the photography.

The script is rich, surprising from scene to scene. The atmosphere is uncomfortable and heavy. We feel a young girl wishing to detach herself from her mother, but the latter exerts enormous pressure on her. This egg that Tinja is protecting and hatching is actually a projection of herself. And with the hatching of this egg and the acts of the creature, it’s a way to release the weight on its shoulders: to always be perfect and the best, to be reborn.

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