Edward the silver hands on Disney +: the most beautiful film by Tim Burton? – Cine News

Edward the silver hands on Disney +: the most beautiful film by Tim Burton? – Cine News

His meeting with his muse Johnny Depp, the autobiographical side, poetry, a striking visual universe … Fourth feature film directed by Tim Burton, “Edward with silver hands” is undoubtedly his most personal. And one of its best.

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Once upon a time : Edward Scissorhands is no ordinary boy. Creation of an inventor, he received a heart to love, a brain to understand. But its designer died before he could finish his work and Edward finds himself with metal blades and sharp instruments as fingers. Sad and alone, he is discovered in the dilapidated manor of its creator by a resident of the city of Avon, who invites him to come and live with his family, where he will get to know the beautiful Kim… and the country saying wonderful from the American suburbs.

What they will love: The magic of the cinema of Tim Burton, who knew how to create a fantastic universe worthy of fairy tales to express the fears and anxieties that have inhabited it since he was little. After two orders for the Warner (Pee-Wee Big Adventure and Batman) interspersed with a macabre comedy born in his mind, the one who started as animator at Disney studios proves to be a real author with what is left, even today , one of his most personal films. Because Edward, this marginal in the neat American suburbs, it is him, even in the shaggy hair of his favorite actor Johnny Depp, with whom he collaborated for the first time. Even more than in Beetlejuice, the director’s taste for monsters is obvious and the most monstrous are not what we think.

Whether you’re big or small, it’s hard not to get attached to Edward, his clumsiness and his innocent look, perfectly embodied by Johnny Depp with an economy of words that sometimes brings his performance closer to pantomime and makes him understandable by all. Whether he cuts hair, gives the neighboring hedges animal shapes or sculpts an ice statue, he participates in the instantly striking imagery of this fairy tale that we like to revisit regularly, that we associate, or not, with childhood. Because he knows how to make us laugh, move us, transport us and make us tremble.

Twentieth Century Fox France

Edward (Johnny Depp), or when Tim Burton revisits the creature of Frankenstein

What can worry them: The scary side, precisely. Tim Burton loves monsters, with a special love for the Gothic and the macabre, which can be found in Edward’s look, all dressed in black, as in the abandoned mansion of its creator. Like the woman who discovers it, initially focused on the blades which serve as his fingers, the hero can scare the youngest even if this is the aim of the director, also screenwriter, to show how appearances can be misleading. It is therefore necessary to be able to face these scissors or the scars which zebra are face (and whose number will grow during the story) to better attach to the character, in the same way as the end a bloody strand of the scene of the ice statue, or the hostility (physical and / or verbal) which some inhabitants show towards the creature can impress.

What they will keep deep inside: A feeling of wonder born in a timeless moment. As in any good fairy tale, Tim Burton mixes dread and wonder and creates images that impress the retina, like here the appearance of his character or the dazzling scene, during which Kim (Winona Ryder) dances under the flakes created by Edward as he cuts an ice statue. A moment of grace, among the most beautiful ever imagined by its author, which is delivered as rarely. Through the hero, he signs a beautiful self-portrait in which he confirms his obsessions previously seen. Some started with Batman, but Edward with the silver hands is a perfect and not too dark introduction to his cinema, which should also allow children to understand that it does not matter to be different, and that he It is not necessary to comply with what society or those around you call normal to achieve great things. This feature full of poetry is proof.

Edward with silver hands is visible on Disney +

The trailer for “Edward in Silver Hands” …

… And his unforgettable music by Danny Elfman:

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