Edge of Tomorrow on TMC: training, armor, pregnancy … why filming was so hard for Emily Blunt

Edge of tomorrow on tmc: training, armor, pregnancy... Why filming was so hard for emily blunt

“Edge of Tomorrow”, led by Tom Cruise, airs tonight on TMC. A science fiction film whose filming proved to be very trying for Emily Blunt. Explanations.

Released in 2014, Edge of Tomorrow is based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka “All you need is kill”, in the meantime adapted into manga by Ryosuke Takeuchi and drawn by the famous creator of “Death Note”, Takeshi Obata. The film sees Tom Cruise play a commander who has never fought in his life, but is sent on what feels like a suicide mission against fearsome aliens. He dies in the space of a few minutes and finds himself thrown into a time loop, condemned to relive the same fight indefinitely …

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Alongside the super-star, we find Emily Blunt. Her preparation for this Doug Liman blockbuster is proving trying for her. The actress indeed embodies an elite soldier and has trained for several months to fight and use weapons. Her physical condition is all the more important as the exoskeletons worn by the actors are quite heavy (around forty kilos): when trying on the costumes, she cannot help but cry in front of the weight of this armor, which she must be able to handle with dexterity five months later.

Filming is not easy either. In a mini-van chase scene, Emily Blunt loses control of her vehicle and crashes into a tree. An experience that she describes as both“hilarious and terrifying”, and which ends without damage to her and her passenger Tom Cruise. The actress also becomes pregnant before the second shooting session, and has to give up performing her stunts. At first, she intends to keep the news of her pregnancy to herself, but faced with Tom Cruise’s astonishment at this change in attitude, she decides to share it with him.

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When it was released, Edge of Tomorrow brought in around 370 million dollars in revenue worldwide for an estimated budget of 178 million. In France, the film brings together more than 1.2 million spectators. A sequel was announced in 2015, still worn by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and with Doug Liman as the director. In October 2019, the director of La Mémoire dans la peau confirmed to the ComicBookMovie site that Edge of Tomorrow 2 could be done once the filming of the next Mission: Impossible was completed: “I hope it will. If so, this will be the right time.”

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