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What do you need to know about “Edens Zero”, the brand new Japanese animated series which arrives today exclusively on Netflix?

Edens zero on netflix: what is this new series from the creator of fairy tail? - news series

What is it about ?

At the Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has lived his entire life among the machines. One day, Rebecca and her blue cat, Happy, appear at the gates of the park. At the same time, robots are becoming threatening. Shiki then joins Rebecca and Happy in their spaceship. Their journey has only just begun …

Edens Zero, based on the manga by Hiro Mashima (Pika Edition) – Streaming on Netflix


One of the most famous contemporary manga author presents his brand new creation; Edens Zero, to be discovered exclusively on Netflix, is none other than the work of Hiro Mashima, the series designer Rave and Fairy Tail!

A sort of space opera bringing together robots and wonderful creatures, Edens Zero is a thrilling adventure series; although she has no connection with Fairy tail, we will note thematic similarities in the two series, but also themes borrowed from the archetype of the shônen such as the power of friendship, courage in the face of adversity and the discovery of inner powers.

Conceived by JC Staff Studios (One Punch Man season 2), the series is directed by Yūshi Suzuki and Shinji Ishihara, two experienced directors who have also worked on Fairy tail. They are therefore also chosen for their quality as experts in the work of Hiro Mashima.

Greater public even than Fairy tail, Edens Zero is an animated series aimed at the whole family; the adventures of Shiki and his companions will delight young and old. The first twelve episodes of the anime are now available on Netflix.

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