E3 2021: Elden Ring, the game co-created by George RR Martin, reveals itself

The publisher Namco Bandai took advantage of the Summer Game Fest which took place before E3 in digital version, to unveil the very first images of the game “Elden Ring”, whose universe was co-created by George RR Martin , the daddy of Game of Thrones.

Bandai Namco / From Software

Short flashback sequence. In a post titled “An Ending” Posted on his blog in the wake of the broadcast of the final episode of Game of Thrones in May 2019, author George RR Martin spoke of his various projects, including a video game developed in Japan for which he served as a consultant.

The secret was quickly revealed: the person concerned was in fact working closely with the Japanese development studio. From Software, brilliant studio behind the extraordinary trilogy of games Dark Souls, a fabulous Bloodborn and a no less formidable and recent Sekiro – Shadow Die Twice.

The name of the game in question? Elden Ring. In development since 2016, designed as a Open world, it was first unveiled in a very short, inevitably frustrating teaser at E3 2019.

The publisher therefore dropped into the arena of Summer Game Fest, which was held a little before the E3 show, in digital form this year, to finally unveil the first images of Gameplay of an already eagerly awaited game.

Those who have rinsed the previous productions of From Software should not be disoriented, as the impression of seeing a new opus Dark Souls is tenacious. But with a pinch of George RR Martin as a supplement (soul).

On this game, George RR Martin has not been content to be a mere consultant, but has been Lead Writer on a title that features different realms to travel, including on horseback. “In Elden Ring, we have focused all of the dark fantasy and Action-RPG expertise we have cultivated with the Dark Souls series, to create a daring game that can evolve the genre “ explains Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware.

“We have built a rich world of a truly staggering scale based on legends written for the game by George RR Martin. Elden Ring is a world full of mysteries and dangers, just waiting to be explored and discovered, populated by characters with developed personalities and nebulous motivations. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this experience “.

The title even has a release date: January 21, 2022, with your fingers crossed very hard not to see a postponement!

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