There’s a Black Friday deal on Dyson’s Zone purifying headph…

Dyson Zone worn by two models.

Dyson is known for its bladeless fans and vacuums, but it’s a company that’s also known for trying weird and interesting new technology, and one of the latest is the Dyson Zone. It’s a combination of headphones and air purifier setup for your face, which is certainly interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, it’s priced pretty high at its $700 list price, but this Black Friday deal has it discounted to its lowest price ever on Amazon, down to just $508. That said, there are only a limited number left, so be sure to grab a set quickly if you’ve ever been interested in them.

Why should you buy Dyson Zone?

Probably one of the first places to start when it comes to the Dyson Zone is the air purifier, which unfortunately got a bad reputation because the product was released right when everyone was worried about getting sick. The purifier is not rated to handle things like viruses, and was not intended to be, but instead to help deal with the increasingly polluted air that people may experience in cities. The filter works in two ways: first, by filtering out 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, and second, by absorbing the smog found in almost any city, which it does relatively well.

As far as audio goes, the Dyson Zone certainly aren’t going to win any awards for best headphones, but they’re not too bad either, considering there’s a vacuum pump sitting at the end of each cup. In terms of audio fidelity, you’ll get something equivalent to a $200 or $300 pair of headphones, which is something of relatively high quality, and with the discounted price of $508, that math starts to add up. Battery life is good, which isn’t surprising since it requires two motors to power it, but you’ll get about 50 hours with ANC on and the purifier off, though battery life drops as soon as you turn it on. Reduces to four hours.

The Dyson Zone is an interesting product, and for those who consider themselves technophiles and early adopters, the Dyson Zone is a dream come true. That said, the headphones won’t compete with anything similarly priced, although at $508 from Amazon, this might not be that big of an issue, especially if you take the purifier into account. Still, if you prefer something more traditional, check out these Black Friday headphone deals instead.

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