Dynasty: did you know that Nathalie Kelley (Cristal) was to play in a Charmed spin-off? – News Series on TV

Before being briefly one of the stars of the modern version of “Dynasty”, Nathalie Kelley had landed the main role of a series derived from “Charmed” around mermaids.

Dynasty: did you know that nathalie kelley
Dynasty: did you know that nathalie kelley
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Recently featured in the series The Baker and the Beauty, which has just been canceled by the ABC chain after a short season, the Australian-Peruvian actress Nathalie Kelley has distinguished herself before in Vampire Diaries and especially in season 1 of the new version of Dynasty, available on Netflix. She played the role of Cristal there before being thanked by the production who wanted to replace it and give a new direction to the character. What is less known is that in 2002, she won the main role of a series derived from Charmed in preparation.

At the time, Charmed is in season 5 and in the double opening episode “The sirens of love“, the Halliwell sisters help a young mermaid, Mylie, on whom the Sea Witch has cast a spell: she only has a month to find true love otherwise … she will die. During this adventure, the heroines are themselves briefly transformed into mermaids and must face the one who is responsible for the death of their mother.

Very popular with fans, this intrigue gives the idea to the WB channel and producer Brad Kern to develop a spin-off around these mythical creatures. Mermaid, that’s its title, told the story of Nikki, a mermaid who ran aground on the shores of Miami and was saved by a young man, Matt, a lawyer engaged to the daughter of his boss, who soon fell in love of her, while refusing to believe that she was really a mermaid. Nikki then tried to lead a normal life, becoming a waitress and living with Matt and his roommate. But a demon was determined not to leave her alone … History does not say what was the exact link with Charmed.

The pilot is commanded by the chain and filmed in Miami. More than 300 young women are auditioned for the role of Nikki, from London to New York via Sydney and Melbourne. Kern wants to bet on a new face and eventually sets his sights on Nathalie Kelley, just 17 years old. Are also cast Geoff Stults (7 at home) to play Matt or Roger Daltrey, Brandon Quinn (The werewolf of the Campus) and Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty). This year, the WB channel is about to merge with another, UPN, to become the CW that we know today, and even if the script is well received by the leaders, its budget is halved to save money. The shooting days are reduced, the means are not up to the ambition: the series does not finally see the light of day.

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