Dying can wait: Rami Malek promises a “fascinating” and “disturbing” villain – teller report

In “Dying Can Wait” by Cary Joji Fukunaga, now due for March 31, 2021, Rami Malek plays Safin, James Bond’s new opponent. In an interview with GQ magazine, the actor lifts the veil on his character.

Dying can wait: rami malek promises a "fascinating" and "disturbing" villain - teller report
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What would James Bond be without the villain who gives him a hard time? In an interview published in the magazine GQ, Rami Malek focused on his character of antagonist in the 25th opus of the famous secret agent, Dying Can Wait. The Oscar-winning actor, who succeeds Mads Mikkelsen, Mathieu Amalric, Javier Bardem and Christoph Waltz, plays Safin, “a former assassin of the SPECTER organization and a powerful figure in the world of terrorism“.

When I think of this character, I think of someone who is meticulous, but also measured, he explains. He is a disturbing and disturbing man. It gives you the impression of being continuously observed, which is what makes it disturbing.“The comedian goes on to admit that getting under Safin’s skin was a real psychological challenge:”You begin to wonder about the nature of evil. And with this character in particular, I find him fascinating because he can let go of all empathy to go through with his projects. (…) He’s not the James Bondian villain that audiences are used to.

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The actor reveals that Daniel Craig took a step back on set when Rami Malek first appeared in front of him with makeup on. “It was already a good sign“, he adds. In the rest of the interview, the star of Mr. Robot talks about a component mainly focused on dramatic issues and on emotion:”It’s a very touching film. I’m sure you will cry. I myself cried when I saw it, which is strange since I’m in it.

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Postponed many times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, To die can wait, realized by Cary Joji Fukunaga, is now scheduled for March 31, 2021. All that remains is to cross our fingers.

Check out the “Dying Can Wait” trailer:

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