Dying can wait, Infiniti, Halo, Cruella, Eiffel…: the April CANAL+ program – News…

Dying can wait, infiniti, halo, cruella, eiffel…: the april canal+ program - news...

In April, CANAL+ introduces us to a parade of event programs. Complete James Bond including Dying can wait, last part of OSS 117, Eiffel, but also expected series like Infiniti or Halo: here the releases!

Find all these films and series on myCANAL and on CANAL+.


OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa – already available

It took more than 10 years for OSS 117 fans to finally find the famous Hubert Bonisseur from Bath. After Cairo, nest of spies in 2006 and Rio no longer responds in 2009, the agent played by Jean Dujardin made his big comeback in 2021 on our screens. If the Oscar-winning actor for The Artist has put on his costume, it is Nicolas Bedos who has taken over from Michel Hazanavicius on the production side for this 3rd part also worn by Pierre Niney.

Entitled OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa, this one plunges us into 1981, with a Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath held prisoner in Afghanistan. After having managed to escape, our favorite spy is back in Paris and meets Serge, alias OSS 1001, an agent much younger than him… They will have to cover a mission in Africa together. of the West, for the better and for the laughter!

Dying can wait – Saturday April 16

In this month of April, CANAL+ offers a “Leap” in time to the public with the publication online of the complete version of the most famous of the sagas. See you from April 007 to find the 26 James Bond films (the 24 produced by EON and the 2 others). You will then have 9 days to concoct a marathon in good and due form, before diving into Dying can wait from April 16th.

6 months after its theatrical release, the ultimate film carried by Daniel Craig makes an explosive arrival on CANAL+ and myCANAL. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the feature film puts us face to face with a retired James Bond in Jamaica. But that was before an old friend from the CIA asked him to track down a mysterious criminal spreading a biological weapon.

If we find Daniel Craig there for the last time therefore, and Léa Seydoux in the role of Madeleine, the film also lifts the veil on a chilling Rami Malek, a badass Lashana Lynch and a magnetic Ana de Armas. Between action and nostalgia, Dying can wait offers fans an explosive and melancholy final bouquet, lulled by the voice of Billie Eilish on the theme No Time to Die, Oscar for best original song 2022.

Cruella – Friday, April 29

After winning the Best Costume statuette at the last Oscar ceremony, Cruella is arriving on CANAL+ and myCANAL from April 29. Illuminated by an Emma Stone who does not lack a dog, this film centered on the adventures of one of the greatest villains of Disney studios returns to the origin story of the latter.

Thought as a prequel, this feature film by Craig Gillespie (Me, Tonya) tells how the young orphan Estella has become the greatest enemy of the 101 Dalmatians. Here we are thus immersed in the 70s in full punk movement, with the key to rock scenes and punctuated by a soundtrack to die for.

From Supertramp to Queen, from Blondie to the Bee Gees, from The Clash to Nina Simone: Cruella will make you turn up the volume, and that too thanks to her original music composed by Nicholas Britell to whom we owe the credits of Succession. See you for a fashion show and stars!


Infiniti – Monday, April 4

Unclassifiable New Original Creation, between science fiction, space thriller and cosmic thriller, Infiniti promises to put stars in your eyes from April 4, 2022. Created by Stéphane Pannetier and Julien Vanlerenberghe, and directed by Thierry Poiraud, the 6 episodes of the series take us on an unprecedented mission.

As a spaceship crash triggers the loss of the ISS (the International Space Station), a wax-covered corpse is found in Kazakhstan. The latter is the astronaut Anthony Kurz who is however currently in the spaceship… A paradox that the astronaut Anna Zarathi (Céline Salette) will try to understand with the help of Isaak Turgun (Daniyar Alshinov).

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? – Monday April 25

Agatha Christie fans: get ready to get hooked on Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, a three-part series that’s sure to get all the attention. The story is about Bobby Jones and his socialite friend Lady Frances Derwent who discover a dying man while searching for a golf ball.

From then on, the duo turns into amateur detectives ready to do anything to unravel the mystery of this man holding the photo of a beautiful young woman in his pocket and whose last words were: “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”. An English nugget adapted by Hugh Laurie (Dr. House), with Will Poulter, Lucy Boynton, Jim Broadbent or Emma Thompson.

Halo – Thursday, April 28

A hit in the US, Halo lands on April 28 on CANAL+. In the works since 2013, this long-awaited adaptation of the gaming franchise paints a portrait of Spartan super soldier John-117 aka Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber), through a 26th century war between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant, a alliance of several extraterrestrial species.

Faithful to cult video games, the series produced by Steven Spielberg digs into much more human themes, making it possible to pick up neophytes as well as inveterate gamers. Between great spectacle and moving intrigue, Halo will keep you spellbound for 9 episodes.


The Shadow of the Past – Monday, April 4
Vanishing – Unreleased in cinemas CANAL+ PREMIÈRE – Tuesday, April 5
Monsters of man – Tuesday, April 5
Quietly 2 – Friday, April 8
The Loves of Anais – Sunday April 10
Fantasies – Wednesday, April 13
Candyman – Wednesday, April 13
Minari – Thursday, April 14
The Chess Player – Sunday April 17
A Triumph – Tuesday, April 19
Eiffel – April 22
Farewell – Monday, April 25
The Origin of the World – Tuesday, April 26
Sisters – Thursday, April 28


Mister 8 – already available
Fear the walking dead season 7 part 2 – from Sunday April 17 in US+24
Mayans MC – from Wednesday April 20 in US+24
Killing Eve – Season 4 in US+24

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