Dwayne Johnson reveals the role he most regrets missing

Dwayne Johnson révèle le rôle qu'il regrette le plus d'avoir raté !

Dwayne Johnson reveals the role he most regrets missing

Dwayne Johnson told this weekend on Instagram that he was beaten by Tom Cruise for a role, in this case the one he regrets the most to have missed to date … Did you guess which film he s act?


Always very fond of sharing with his fans, Dwayne Johnson took advantage of the extended weekend to answer questions that had been asked. on his Instagram account. To the question “which role do you regret the most”, The Rock came back on his failure for Jack Reacher, role which he coveted, but which – as we know – was finally won by Tom Cruise for two feature films, respectively released in 2012 and 2016.

Is there a role that I really wanted, but that I lost at the expense of another actor? Yep. This role was Jack Reacher. This actor was Tom Cruise. Business is business, and I’m happy for it. But the planet turns strangely, because I closed the door, another opened for me with the opportunity to invent a character from scratch and who was in my DNA: (…) Luke Hobbs (in Fast and Furious). (…) Thank you“sums up Dwayne Johnson in a video in which he gives a more detailed answer on how he experienced things at the time.

It is not the first time that Dwayne Johnson returns to this “missed”: he had already mentioned it on social networks 3 years ago. “Yes, I loved the character, he said at the time. It was about 10 years ago, but Cruise got it. It was a great motivation for me to always stay on the lookout“.

Recall that the choice of Tom Cruise did not necessarily have unanimity, the character of the novel being much more “beefy” than Tom Cruise, and its author, Lee Child, had also said in interview that Tom now considered Tom Cruise to be too old to take on this kind of role.

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