Dwayne Johnson reacts to Viral Lookalike Officer in Police: “Wow!”

Dwayne Johnson reacts to Viral Lookalike Officer in Police: “Wow!”

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Instagram: Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Dwayne Johnson was even more surprised than anyone!

Jungle Cruise’s star, 49 years old, said he was also impressed by the uncanny resemblance with an Alabama doppelganger.

“Oh, s —! On Monday, Johnson posted a side-by-side photo of himself with Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. The image has been viewed over 13,500 times and is now viral online. The images showed both bald and buff men smiling in their aviator sunglasses.

Dwayne johnson reacts to viral lookalike officer in police
Dwayne johnson reacts to viral lookalike officer in police.

Fields were referred to as “Guy on the left is way cooler”, he said. Keep safe, brother, and thank you so much for your sacrifices. He teased that one day @Teremana would be able to drink his #Teremana and promised to pour a glass of his trademark tequila.

The connection was first made public via a Facebook post by the MCSO two weeks ago. A local man asked another officer to meet the deputy “that people think looks like ‘The Rock. ”

Fields, 37 years old, was moved by request and stopped by Hartselle Walmart to meet and greet.

“Tyler is a hard worker, and it was great to get to know him and his coworkers! The MCSO posted a photo of Fields with the fan, and it was liked more than 3,000 times.

Fields, a 17 year veteran of the sheriff’s office, said to AL.com that he doesn’t look like a movie star.

He told the outlet that he was called Vin Diesel and The Rock’s love child. It’s all good. It’s funny. It’s very flattering. He joked about the “running joke” in this area.

A Deputy U.S. Fields is a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He has previously worked in the jail, in investigations and with drug-endangered kids. He rose through the ranks to become lieutenant of patrol and is now a firearms instructor.

Fields stated that he is a close relative to The Rock in real life and enjoys connecting with the community.

He told AL.com, “We love to get involved in the community and cut up and become neighbours — not just enforcers.”

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