Dwayne Johnson: discover the 5 worst films of his career

You voted for his films, and so you voted the 5 worst films of Dwayne Johnson’s career. Find out your ranking, based on the AlloCiné spectator ratings of the films of which he is the star.

Dwayne johnson: discover the 5 worst films of his career
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5 – Zero tolerance (2.28)

Dwayne Johnson plays Chris Vaughn, a former Special Forces, who returns to his hometown to find she is in the hands of a crooked businessman played by Neal McDonough. On this scenario as old as the world inspired by a true story, the director Kevin Bray fails to breathe the slightest breath of originality.

Zero Tolerance is his directorial debut (previously he was shooting music videos for the music industry) and his inexperience is felt with a shaky, insecure camera during action moments and uninspired when it’s about filming something else. The Rock, still quite inexperienced, does not manage to get out of this rigged game.

More info: the true story is that of Sheriff Buford Pusser who almost alone cleaned up his city infested with mobsters. The case had already been adapted in 1973 under the title Savage Justice, with Joe Don Baker in the main role.

4 – The Scorpion King (1.97)

5,000 years BC, the legendary city of Gomorrah is under the thumb of the greedy Memnon, an evil tyrant determined to eliminate the nomadic peoples of the desert. These then hire the assassin Maythayus and his brothers to kill Memnon’s great advisor, a wizard. But when Maythayus finds out that the wizard is a beautiful young woman, he cannot bring himself to kill her.

This prequel spin-off of the remake sequel (the Scorpion King first appeared in Return of the Mummy) doesn’t live up to expectations. It suffers in part from the lack of creativity of the writers concerning the characters, all well anchored in archetypes seen and reviewed.

Dwayne johnson: discover the 5 worst films of his career

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Some action sequences stand out, but are accompanied by music close to out of context, and The Rock‘s will to do well is not enough to compensate for his inexperience and the overall failure of the film.

More info: this spin-of will itself have four sequels, none with Johnson: The Scorpion King 2: Legendary Warrior (2008), The Scorpion King 3: Eye of the Gods (2012), The Scorpion King 4: Quest for the power (2015) and The Scorpion King: Book of Souls. Mathayus changes face with the opus, going from Michael Copon to Victor Webster through Zach McGowan.

3 – Fairy in spite of himself (2,11)

Dwayne Johnson is the tooth fairy (name of the Little Mouse in Anglo-Saxon countries). A hockey player who shattered a child’s dream, Derek is sentenced to a week of community service in the fairy kingdom. He is responsible for collecting the milk teeth placed under the pillows …

In this film obviously intended primarily for (older) children, he hurts The Rock fans, who discover him decked out with dorsal wings, shrunken and tracked by a cat. The clash between the actor’s massive build and the fact that he has to be the cutest fairy could have worked, but it’s a failure.

The naivety of the whole and the lack of second degree of the company make Fée in spite of himself quite boring, even for children, whom he regards with a little condescension. It will still bring in $ 112 million at the box office.

More info: the film had a sequel, Fairy Despite Himself 2, in which the hero is played by Larry The Cable Guy.

2 – Empire State (1.93)

Released in France in 2014 and directly on video, Empire State brings to the screen the true story of the heist of an armored van in New York in 1982, the largest at the time with $ 11 million stolen. The film focuses on two friends in financial need who find themselves at a cost that exceeds them.

The Rock plays the FBI agent who will try to corner everyone, in a film where despite his presence in 3rd position in the credits, he only appears in 6 or 7 scenes, half of which are quite brief. We start to think that something is wrong.

There is a good idea to start, it is to entrust the subject to the director Dito Montiel, specializing in the representation of the abandoned New York seeking to get by by all means. However, perhaps uncomfortable with the script (the first one he didn’t sign himself), Montiel fails to get the film off the ground.

Dwayne johnson: discover the 5 worst films of his career

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The Rock is an FBI agent

The fault is an obvious lack in the writing as in the editing, making the scenes follow one another without transition and without deciding what deserves to be shown or not. The film loses rhythm and interest, despite a real attempt around the course of the hero, played by Liam Hemsworth.

To drive the point home, the film suffers from its marketing. Sold as an action film, it is on the contrary very talkative, and the adrenaline promised by the poster is not there.

The extra info: This is Dito Montiel’s fourth film after Once Upon a Time in Queens, Target Cop and Fighting, and the first without Channing Tatum in the cast.

1 – Doom (1.61 / 5)

The worst film of Dwayne Johnson’s career is therefore Doom, the adaptation of the eponymous video game released in 2005, worn by the actor and Karl Urban. Directed by the director of the sympathetic Romeo must die with Jet Li, Doom is a “commando film” with a team sent to the planet Mars to explore a scientific research station that is no longer showing signs of life.

In fact, researchers have opened a door to the underworld and horrific creatures now haunt the lab. It is up to the commando to survive as best they can against these monsters. The spectator will especially remember the scene in first person view, a direct reference to the game which kills all the tension “à la Alien” that the film was trying to set up until then.

Dwayne johnson: discover the 5 worst films of his career

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Sarge played by Dwayne

We will also regret the agreed dialogues and the staging without idea proposed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. As for The Rock, if his character has a script twist, he has a hard time saving the project from sinking.

More info: the scientist found by the commando is called Doctor Carmack, named after two of the co-creators of the game Doom from 1993: Jack and Adrian Carmack. Dwayne Johnson kept the two copies of the BFGs (the ultimate weapon in Doom the Game and Doom the Movie) used on set.

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