Dune: Warner advances the release of Denis Villeneuve’s film

Dune: warner advances the release of denis villeneuve's film

The French branch of Warner Bros has decided to bring forward the release of Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction film, Dune de 15 jours.

Warner France has just brought the Dune release date forward by 2 weeks. Denis Villeneuve’s SF film will therefore be released on September 15 instead of September 29. Expected in our dark rooms on December 23, the feature film was postponed to September 29 before seeing its release date advanced.
The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max platform in the United States on October 1. The fact that the French branch of the studio is bringing the film forward by 15 days is therefore not trivial.

In his dissatisfaction letter in Warner, Denis Villeneuve specified: “Dune is a unique cinematic experience“and”by far the best film [qu’il a] never realized“.”My team and I have devoted more than three years of our lives to making it a unique experience to see on the big screen. The image and sound of our film were meticulously designed to be seen in movie theaters. “

Worn by Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac, Dune is a new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel (the first was directed by David Lynch in 1984). The story takes place in the 10190s. The universe is managed by great aristocratic families, united under the aegis of Emperor Shaddam IV. The story takes place on the planet Arrakis, entirely desert. The latter is better known under the name of Dune. It is at the center of all attentions and desires because it contains the Spice, a kind of drug that has the power to prolong life and strengthen the immune system. Duke Leto Atréides is appointed governor of Arrakis and comes to live there with his wife Jessica and his son Paul. After being betrayed by the Emperor, Paul will avenge his family and reconquer the planet Dune, in order to regain control of the Spice.

This date change results in the advancement of Malignant, the horror film by James Wan. Supposed to be released on September 15, it will finally be visible from September 1.

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