Dune: 3 good reasons to go see Denis Villeneuve’s film in Dolby Cinema

Dune: Blockbuster back-to-school 2021 event, Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated film draws crowds in theaters. What if you let yourself be tempted by a session in a premium Dolby Cinema room? Here are 3 good reasons to fall for it!

Dune in dolby cinema

1. Dune in Dolby Cinema

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Because Denis Villeneuve (and Hans Zimmer) recommend it to you

Denis Villeneuve declared it himself everyday in Montreal Press : he confesses “equally in love with the Dolby Atmos version, because it is what is more precise and more powerful in terms of sound”. In the featurette below (in original version only), the Canadian director adds: “it’s almost a physical experience!”.

The composition of the soundtrack and the sound design of the special effects were indeed produced hand in hand by the teams in charge, in collaboration with the Dolby experts, to combine as finely as possible the musical vision of Hans Zimmer with the sounds of the movie.

“You feel the sound that envelops all around you, in a way that I have never felt before”, enthuses the composer in a second featurette (available here).

For breathtaking 3D

Dune offers a breathtaking spectacle where very wide shots are linked to extraterrestrial worlds and intimate scenes between the characters. 3D Dolby Cinema brings an additional dimension to the film by adding relief to landscapes, most often natural, and by refocusing the point of view on the actors, even when they are in monumental settings.

The 3D Dolby Cinema also gives a particular rendering to the planet Arrakis, the main location of the action, by emphasizing the presence on the screen of sand, wind and above all the Spice which envelops the characters in a cloud of glitter.

Through the rendering of materials, certain 3D visuals should remain forever etched in your memory: the shield of the fighters during duels, the gigantism of the ships, the repulsive physiognomy of Baron Harkonnen, the dantesque appearance of the sandworm …

For the Dolby Cinema experience

A projection in a Dolby Cinema * room is an incomparable spectator experience. Before you even push the door of the room, you walk through a corridor that immediately immerses you in the atmosphere, thanks to the animated Dune poster on an LED wall, accompanied by the soundtrack of the film.

Once you have passed the entrance, everything is planned for a total immersion: all you have to do is sit down in your premium armchair, which reclines and which always offers a clear view of the screen, and put down your refreshments. and treats on the personal shelf.

Each Dolby Cinema room, with impressive dimensions, is equipped with the latest technology. The Dolby Vision HDR image guarantees much more brightness, precision and contrast than a standard image. The Dolby Atmos sound system truly immerses the viewer in the heart of the action with sound design effects that pass over or behind the viewer’s head.

Book your Dune Dolby Cinema screening by selecting the Dolby Cinema option under the “Experiences” menu of your favorite venues or on www.cinemaspathegaumont.com/intENS/dolby

More information: www.allocine.fr/technologies/dolby-cinema/

* There are 10 Dolby Cinema theaters in France at Pathé Gaumont Cinemas. Massy (91): Cinema Pathé Massy / Lyon (69): Cinema Pathé Vaise / Rouen (76): Cinema Pathé Docks 76 / Marseille (13): Cinema Europacorp La Joliette / Nice (06): Cinema Pathé Gare du Sud / Paris (75): Cinema Pathé Beaugrenelle / Rennes (35): Cinema Gaumont Rennes / Toulouse (31): Cinema Gaumont Wilson / Tremblay-en-France (93): Cinema Pathé Aéroville / Thiais (94): Cinema Pathé Belle-Epine.

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