Ducobu President: new face, staggered exit, how to renew… The comedy…

In theaters on July 13, Ducobu President is the 4th opus in a successful saga carried by Elie Semoun as a clumsy and irascible schoolteacher.

Since 2011, Ducobu gives his teacher, Monsieur Latouche, a hard time in colorful adaptations of Zidrou and Godi’s comics.

In all, the 3 feature films attracted around 4 million spectators who came to laugh at the antics of the famous dunce in the striped sweater.

In this 4th part, baptized Ducobu President, a new school year begins for our turbulent schoolboy! At Saint Potache school, an exceptional election will take place to elect the student president.

This is the beginning of a somewhat crazy electoral campaign in which the two main adversaries will embark: Ducobu and Léonie.

With the help of his friend Kitrish and his many gadgets, Ducobu cheats like never before and wins the election. Amusement park in the yard, return from siesta, elimination of vegetables in the canteen… for Latouche, enough is enough!

If the first two Ducobu were made by Philippe De Chauveronthe next two were staged Elie Semoun himself. The comedian has taken up the torch in addition to continuing to embody Latouche, again wearing his actor-director hat.


With his two co-screenwriters, Guy Laurent and Marc de Chauveron, the filmmaker absolutely wanted to rack his brains and find an original idea.

“We started from the so-called “cutting edge” methods in certain schools, a phenomenon that made us laugh! These establishments where certain teachers teach children by wanting to be “modern” and “out of the ordinary”.

But we also wanted to avoid appearing as poujadists by saying that the old-fashioned school was better and more efficient”says Elie Semoun, quoted in the press kit.

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The filmmaker and his screenwriters therefore surfed on these two concepts. They also interviewed two of their nieces and asked them if there was an election system in their classes. To their surprise, the answer was yes!

“We discovered that there were Prime Ministers or Ministers of Culture in their chests! But to come back to your question, it was not so easy to make this fourth opus because we know what we criticizes the suites: a certain laziness, the security of exploiting a formula…

I think on the contrary that on each of these films we have renewed ourselves each time”underlines the director.


Ducobu President, who can be seen as a family with children from the age of 8, has chosen an unusual theme for this kind of feature film: the elections! Here, it is a question of electing the class delegates of Saint-Potache. The film will be released in 2022, a doubly electoral year: is this the result of chance?

“To tell you the truth, we were supposed to come out at the beginning of April, in the middle of the presidential campaign, then the film was postponed to July, after the legislative elections.

We could say that we missed the boat, but I believe that these elections at Saint-Potache are not the main driving force of the film: it is an event of course, for Ducobu and his comrades, but the heart of the film remains based on friendships between children, their jokes and the relationship with adults”says Elie Semoun.


Gabin Tomasino succeeds Mathys Gros in the yellow and black sweater of the student Ducobu. This mischievous kid will know how to make children laugh out loud with his antics, his nonsense and his sickly laziness, so many aspects of his personality making him very endearing.

“What makes me laugh every time are the comments like “but why did you change actors?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, imagine that in two years, a child changes a lot!

Remember! So when we had to find our new Ducobu, I launched the casting by announcement and we received thousands of applications”explains Elie Semoun.

Ducobu president: new face, staggered exit, how to renew... The comedy...
Marc Bossaerts

Gabin Tomasino is Ducobu

A first selection of actors was made and the filmmaker saw around fifty in the end. When Gabin arrived, it was obvious for the artist.

“He had the character’s physique, something sparkling in his eye and in addition he just played when he had never filmed anything.

It is one of the few to have found variations in tone and intention during the tests. I am very happy with the result. Gabin is a pearl, a great young actor”enthuses the interpreter of Gustave Latouche.


According to Elie Semoun, young audiences identify with this character who is a kind of anti-hero. “I think they also like the opposition between Ducobu and Latouche, the gags and then no doubt the visual universe that the films have been able to create over time”he analyzes.

Gabin Tomasino discovered cinema by participating in the casting of the film. It was during the first confinement.

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“With my parents, we were looking at things on the internet to keep busy one afternoon and we saw the ad for Ducobu President. There, we said to ourselves “and why not?”. I thought that could be fun to pass this casting but I never imagined being chosen”remembers the neo-comedian.

“What I like about Ducobu is his mischievousness and his joy in doing all sorts of stupid things at school! But beware: he only does it to improve things for the good of his friends”concludes Gabin, delighted to have been able to interpret this iconic dunce of comics and cinema.


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