Ducobu President: 4 children for the same character, a look back at the different faces of…

Ducobu President landed in theaters on July 13. On this occasion, a small focus on the 4 interpreters of the king of cheating: Vincent Claude, François Viette, Mathys Gros and Gabin Tomasino.

A new school year is starting for Ducobu! At Saint Potache school, an exceptional election will take place to elect the student president.

This is the beginning of a somewhat crazy electoral campaign in which the two main adversaries will embark: Ducobu and Léonie.

With the help of his friend Kitrish and his many gadgets, Ducobu cheats like never before and wins the election. Amusement park in the yard, return from siesta, elimination of vegetables in the canteen… for Latouche, enough is enough!

In the 4 feature films of the saga, the title role is each time played by a different actor: Vincent Claude in the first, François Viette in the second, Mathys Gros in the third and Gabin Tomasino in Ducobu Président.

On the occasion of the release of this 4th episode directed by Elie Semouna small focus on each of these performers.


Ducobu president: 4 children for the same character, a look back at the different faces of...

Born in 1998, Vincent-Claude is seven years old when he appears for the first time at the cinema in Gérard Krawczyk’s film, Life is ours!, alongside Sylvie Testud and Eric Cantona. In 2009, he starred in the film adaptation of Little Nicholas by Laurent Tirard, where he plays a schoolboy friend of the hero played by Maxime Godart.

Vincent Claude reunites with Maxime in the friends film The best friends in the world (2010). In 2011, he held the title role of Student Ducobu and makes life difficult for his teacher played by Elie Semoun. The film’s success (1.5 million admissions) allowed it to become known to the general public. A sequel is quickly launched, but without him (too old, he is replaced by François Viette).

He next appears in the action comedy Malvita by Luc Besson, with Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones, as well as in an episode of Marjorie, comedy series created by Ivan Calbérac and Alice Vial. Preferring to devote himself to his studies, Vincent Claude plays, however, in 2016, the character of young Gustave Kervern in the feel-good movie Cigarettes and hot chocolate.


Ducobu president: 4 children for the same character, a look back at the different faces of...

Born in 1999, Francois Viette gained notoriety through Ducobu Holidays. Originally, the boy participated in the casting to take part in the film as a simple extra, but the casting director offered him to meet Philippe de Chauveron: the director was then immediately convinced by his energy and entrusted him with the role. major.

In 2012, Les Vacances de Ducobu exceeded one million admissions in France. A third film is therefore conceived seven years later, of course with another actor in the skin of the dunce.

Following this first experience, François Viette played a small role in The Yellow Fox directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky, then disappears from the screens. Now 23 years old, he is more interested in jobs related to film production.


Ducobu president: 4 children for the same character, a look back at the different faces of...

For the third of Ducobu, Mathys Gros succeeds Vincent Claude and François Viette in the role of the king of cheating. Chosen by Elie Semoun (also director of the film) from nearly 2,000 children, this boy from Provence takes his first steps in front of a camera for the occasion.

Semoun described him as “a sensitive, mischievous child, very touching in life as on screen”. However, he had to watch his flow because he spoke too quickly: “It’s a defect that I know because it is linked to stage fright: an actor then gives the impression of wanting to get rid of his text as soon as possible!” We can see the young actor again on January 18, 2023 in The Lulus Warnew film by Yann Samuell.


Ducobu president: 4 children for the same character, a look back at the different faces of...

In Ducobu Presidentit is Gabin Tomasino who was able to wear the characteristic striped sweater of the comic book character created by Zidrou and Godi. This is his first experience in front of a camera.

“What makes me laugh every time are comments like ‘but why did you change actors?’ So we had to find our new Ducobu, I launched the casting by announcement and we received thousands of applications”, explains Elie Semoun.

A first selection of actors was made and the filmmaker saw around fifty in the end. When Gabin arrived, it was obvious for the artist. “He had the physicality of the character, something sparkling in the eye and in addition he just played when he had never filmed anything.

It is one of the few to have found variations in tone and intention during the tests. I am very happy with the result. Gabin is a pearl, a great young actor”, enthuses the interpreter of Gustave Latouche.

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