Drone and light aircraft in ‘near miss’ outside Perth

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A drone approached a light aircraft near Perth airport on Tuesday (Stock image)

A drone put the occupants of a light aircraft “in danger of serious injury” after an accident near Perth.

The plane nearly collided with the drone at 2.35pm on Tuesday over Murrayshall.

The plane was able to safely land at Perth airport shortly thereafter.

The drone has been described as one to two feet wide and red or orange in color.

The Scottish police are now trying to track down the drone pilot and establish all the circumstances that led him to operate within the limited airspace around the airport.

“Pilot responsibility”

Scott Thomson, PC, said: “Fortunately, the plane was able to avoid a collision on this occasion, otherwise both people on board would have been in danger of serious injury.

“We support the safe and legal use of small unmanned aircraft.

“However, drone pilots are reminded that they must operate according to the law and guidelines established by the civil aviation authority and national air traffic services.”

He added: “It is each pilot’s responsibility to inquire about appropriate legislation and to be aware of the importance of responsible flight, particularly around airports, limited airspace and congested areas.

“If anyone has questions about how and where to fly a drone safely, please check with the Civil Aviation Authority or the Drone Safe website.”

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