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Aired tonight on Arte, the film Drive, worn by Ryan Gosling, has undergone a most bizarre trial. In 2011, a spectator accused the distributor of false advertising …

It was a strange reaction that the Drive team faced in 2011. Indeed, some time after the release of Nicolas Winding’s shocking film Refn, a spectator decided to file a complaint against the distributor for .. . false advertising.

Drive “has nothing to do with a chase movie or an action movie. There is very little conduct in the film“could be read at the time in the text of the complaint. According to the plaintiff Sarah Deming, the production would have sold to the public, in its promotional elements, a film in the manner of a Fast & Furious, where Drive is It is more like a successful thriller than a big-show action movie. join his lawsuit against the production.

More serious still, Deming also accuses the film of anti-Semitism, of “gratuitous, defamatory and dehumanizing racism against Jews“. In 2017, 6 years after the film’s release, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the trial is still ongoing and has undergone multiple twists and turns. After the judge dismissed the complaint, the complainant was also charged with anti-Semitism and the case was referred to the Michigan Court of Appeal. A few denials of the complaint and other petitions later, the accuser’s lawyer himself decided to press charges on his own behalf, accusing the production and the director of conspiracy. If the end of the story has not been shared by the press, it’s a safe bet that the case is closed.

The pact

Drive is not the only film to have been accused of false advertising. Indeed, in 2016, a spectator wished lodge a complaint against Warner Bros for the same reasons. The film at the heart of his wrath: Suicide Squad. “We’ve seen these scenes time and time again, whether it’s in the first trailer or the many TV spots.. “he denounces on Reddit.”But they weren’t in the movie. I wasted my money traveling and going to see this feature film in the hope of seeing these particular scenes, the ones I was promised“. And to add:”If you are advertising something, give it to me. Point. It becomes a habit with the studios, to show you some epic scenes in the trailers which, in the end, are never in the movies. It is unfair !“.

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