Dream Horse: the moving true story of a horse that changed lives

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“Dream Horse” hits theaters this Wednesday, the story of several penniless Welsh people forming a union to breed a horse and bet on its races.

What is it about ?

This is the true story of Jon Vokes, a Welshwoman who, to free herself from her gloomy daily life, founds a workers’ union to train a racehorse. With little experience but a lot of passion, Jan gives back the flame to his community.

Produced by Euros Lyn. With Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, Owen Teale.

A touching true story

The incredible tale that gave Dream Horse had already been the subject of a film which won the Audience Award for Best International Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. Entitled Dark Horse, it recounted the story of Jan and her husband Brian who once bought a broodmare and a mare in order to have his future foal compete in horse races.

For the fictional feature film, it is the brilliant Toni Colette who plays the main owner of the racehorse, bringing her whole range of actress to this role requiring to go from laughter to tears sometimes in the same scene. The other actors are in tune and give life to the other members of this workers’ association seeking a hypothetical way out of their personal situations.

Dream horse: the moving true story of a horse that changed lives


Toni Collette

Horse races are filmed with formidable precision (camera on the backs of horses, use of drones) by Euros Lyn, Welsh director who worked on the Doctor Who, At the Crossroads of Worlds and Daredevil series. The dynamic editing of these scenes allows the film to have a spectacular part that balances well with the more theatrical ones devoted to (tense) discussions between union members.

But the great strength of Dream horse comes from what this union set up with very little money represents for its creators. We understand that for some it is a loophole, for others a significant financial risk and for still others, a glimmer of hope allowing us to move forward.

Dream horse: the moving true story of a horse that changed lives


Toni Collette and Owen Teale

It is this humanity of the characters which remains in memory once the lights are on again in the room, and which accompanies the spectator once the screening is over.

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