Dragon Boat: we were on the set of the M6 ​​TV movie with Julie de Bona and Julie Gayet -…

M6 will broadcast in the coming months “Dragon Boat”, a poignant unit directed by Stéphanie Pillonca with Julie de Bona, Julie Gayet, Bérengère Krief, Lola Dewaere or Firmine Richard. Allociné visited the set near Reims.

A few kilometers from Reims station, on the calm waters of the canal linking the Aisne to the Marne, sails a strange boat with the head of a dragon. On the inside, Julie de Bona (Plan B), Julie Gayet (A perfect mother), Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaelle), Berengere Krief (Adopt a widower), Firmine Richard (Eight Women), Annie Gregorio (Learn to love yourself, More beautiful life) and Laurence Pierre (The code), the heroines of dragon boatthe next unit of M6.

All of them embody Dragon Ladies, women suffering from breast cancer or in remission who are struggling to fight against the disease and rebuild themselves both morally and physically.

Written by Clement Koch (Who is the strongest?), which in 2016 received the Grand Prix Sopadin for best screenwriter, and directed by Stephanie Pillonca (Handigang), Dragon Boat is therefore inspired by a true story and follows a group of women from Reims practicing this still little-known discipline.

Aboard a strange boat, they paddle every week to prevent recidivism and exorcise the fear that inhabits them. Together, they will live an exceptional human adventure and an extraordinary challenge between conviviality, benevolence and self-transcendence. Together they are stronger. Together, they go further.

Allociné had the chance to go to the set of this TV movie to discuss this incredible story with the director, the producers and the actresses.

Dragon boat: we were on the set of the m6 ​​tv movie with julie de bona and julie gayet -...


If Dragon Boat had originally been thought for the cinema, it is finally on M6 that this story will see the light of day. And after Learn to love yourself and I will go after my dreamsStéphanie Pillonca was entrusted with the daunting task of returning behind the camera for M6 to deal with this subject.

An obvious choice by the very admission of the producers of the TV movie seduced by his work.

It must be said that Stéphanie Pillonca is a director who brings a sensitive, poetic, intimate and committed look to the subjects she addresses in her works. Always accurate, her films aim to sensitize the public as much as to awaken consciences and make her a director committed both in her art and on the set.

Moreover, his commitment is found even on the set where each member of the team wears a pink ribbon, a global symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Obviously, the actresses were immediately won over by the script, but the presence of Stéphanie Pillonca is also one of the reasons that motivated their choice to join this project. Indeed, Julie Gayet, Julie de Bona and all their playmates agree that the director is human, generous, attentive and knows how to federate.

“Stéphanie is a director that i adore. It was a great meeting. She films what is true. She invests people with a mission, a love and a passion for the subject. We are so in character that she just has to film us. It’s pretty rare on TV.“, told us Julie de Bona.

And Laurence Pierre to conclude, “It’s impossible not to follow her. And then this generosity, I think it is she who is the conductor of all that. We want to give the best of ourselves because she gives the best of herself. She encourages everyone to do this with kindness and positive energy.”.

An energy, a spirit of sisterhood and an alchemy that emanated from everyone and that we were able to fully feel when we were on set.

And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. Admittedly, the film deals with the disease, but above all it traces a collective, human and united adventure.

Dragon boat: we were on the set of the m6 ​​tv movie with julie de bona and julie gayet -...


When we met, Martine de Clermont-Tonnerrethe film’s producer, said, “They always say to me, “my mother”, “my wife”, “my sister”. When I spoke to the Dragon Boat team, I realized that they all also had someone in their family with this disease. It pushes women to test themselves so that it is taken in time. I lost two friends like that and that’s also why I wanted to make this film“.

Words unfortunately confirmed by Firmine Richard, actress but also an active member of the Women’s Foundation alongside Julie Gayet. “I immediately said yes because this is a subject that affects me personally. I have many friends who have been touched by breast cancer. For me, it’s almost normal that I’m on this adventure.”

If all the actresses have joined Dragon Boat guided by the “heart” in order to discuss a subject that is still too taboo in their eyes, it is also a way for them to extend their commitment to the place of women. For Julie Gayet, there is also no doubt that the film “will federate women“.

What do they ultimately hope for? Doing prevention while giving “hope to people [pour] tell them we can get out of this.“. However, Julie de Bona assures her, despite the seriousness of the subject, Dragon Boat will be “a very positive and very sunny film on the disease”.


To bring even more authenticity to this project, Stéphanie Pillonca and her teams have decided to include three Dragon Ladies in the TV movie. Initially a technical adviser, Claire Fiaschi, president of the association Together for them, thus became an actress, an experience that she “do not regret“.

At our microphone, she clarified that he “needed women who knew how to paddle to steer the boat. We couldn’t leave the actresses alone when they had never been on a Dragon Boat.“.

Through this film, Claire Fiaschi hopes that people will discover the discipline of Dragon Boat. “People have to understand that it’s not competition. Above all, it’s relearning how to reclaim your body and mind. In one order or the other. Then add with verve, “Whatever it is, cancer is not an end in itself. You can do a lot of things even while still sick. Life goes on.”.

While waiting for the broadcast, the bet of emotion, generosity and benevolence on the set has already been successful.

Scheduled on M6 in the coming months, Dragon Boat may be released in October for “Pink October”, the month of awareness of breast cancer screening and fundraising for research. In any case, this is the wish of the producers.

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