Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon … 10 iconic anime credits sung by Bernard Minet

On the occasion of the release of the book “Japanime”, a look back at ten emblematic credits sung by Bernard Minet during the Club Dorothée years!

Dragon ball z, saint seiya, sailor moon... 10 iconic anime credits sung by bernard minet


Of course there is Ariadne’s iconic credits, a true hymn for a whole generation of Dragon Ball Z fans. But let’s not forget that Bernard Minet also sang to the glory of Goku’s adventures. A title that is certainly less known, but which remains in memory as much for its catchy rhythm as for its collector clip which sees the singer “invite” in some of the most emblematic scenes of the cult cartoon!


Bernard Minet also remained famous for having interpreted not one nor two but three credits of the Knights of the Zodiac. Besides the most iconic title (see below), the latter also signed the songs “The Song of the Knights” and especially “Under the sign of the Zodiac”, unforgettable “B-side” of the CD of the time.


Among the most emblematic titles sung by Bernard Minet, it is difficult to miss Sailor Moon. The series which will have greatly contributed to the popularity of Magical Girl anime in France is celebrated as it should be by the singer, via an effective instrumentalisation and a particularly catchy chorus.


“Half sun, and half rain”. While the success of the cartoon Ranma 1/2 owes as much to its clever mix of humor and fighting, but who can deny that the excellent credits played by Bernard Minet also contributed to the popularity of the series with viewers French?


Still in the world of Rumiko Takahashi’s adaptations, Bernard Minet signs for Juliette je t’aime a beautiful melancholic song, perfectly adapting to the bittersweet tone of the cartoon. Here again, a song surely not unrelated to the popularity of the program in our regions.


Less known than its “big brother” Olive and Tom, the football series L’Ecole des champions has nevertheless had some success, especially for its credits signed Bernard Minet. Falling into oblivion nowadays, would the series benefit from being rediscovered by a new generation of viewers?


He certainly did not sing the first credits of the series, nevertheless Bernard Minet nevertheless interpreted a memorable credits for Goldorak; perhaps less known than the previous song, his song will still have allowed the anime to be known to a whole new generation of viewers at the end of the 80s!


The subject of an event reboot this year, the Fly cartoon – adapted from the manga Dragon Quest: the Quest for Dai – has also been one of Club Dorothée’s emblematic series. It is therefore logical that its credits were entrusted to Bernard Minet, a song that perfectly embodies the adventurous and hectic tone of the program left unfinished.


Mad, Mad, Mad College was one of the most popular cartoons of the ’80s, despite its absurd tone and a sense of anything taken to the extreme. But the series has also remained known for its credits signed Bernard Minet, to the point of being still hummed today by the most nostalgic forty-something!


While many fans of the series are still trying to forget the memory of this “sequel”, let us not forget that Bernard Minet interpreted in the mid-90s the credits of Dragon Ball GT. A well-made song, which however did not prevent fans of the manga from rejecting this anime, now replaced by the new series, Dragon Ball Super.

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