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What if one of the main villains in the “Dragon Ball Super” series was voiced by one of the interpreters of the infamous “Dragonball Evolution”?

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It could be one of the best kept secrets in the Dragon Ball Super series! One theory claims that one of the main villains of the anime, the pernicious Zamasu, would be voiced by none other than James Marsters, known for his role as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but also for having lent his features to the Piccolo demon in the infamous film adaptation of the cult manga, Dragonball Evolution! Our American colleagues of the CBR site investigated …

“The case” dates back to April 2017 when an additional video game pack Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 offered a preview of the character Zamasu, since the character had not yet been discovered by the audience following the broadcast of the animated series in the United States. On this occasion, American fans were able to discover the appearance of this overpowered villain, his main fighting techniques but also his voice. At that time, however, the rumor as to the identity of the interpreter of Zamasu did not yet have enough foundation to emerge on the canvas.

Zamasu in the video game Xenoverse 2:

Then comes the release of another video game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, which also features the character of Zamasu as “support” for his evil double, Goku Black. The end credits tell us that Zamasu is voiced by a certain Sam Majesters, whose name strangely resembles that of James Marsters. If it could just as easily have been a coincidence, the duber’s real identity was nevertheless betrayed by the Google search engine.

A simple search for the name “Sam Majesters” makes it possible to display the Wikipedia and IMDB pages of … James Marsters, whose simple voice comparison effectively reveals a great resemblance to that of Zamasu. A big fan of Japanese video games and animation, the interpreter of Spike had also begged Christopher Sabbat (the American voice actor for Vegeta) to help him get a role in Dragon Ball Super during an episode on the web -Vidiots series (April 2018).

In the animated series Dragon Ball Super, it is not Sam Majesters who is credited as the interpreter of Zamasu but a certain David Gray, of whom again we do not find any trace on the canvas, if it is not a British singer whose high-pitched voice is nothing like the soft, deep voice of the big bad guy in the animated series.

Discover the English voice of Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super:

Why would James Marsters decide to anonymously record such an important role in the Dragon Ball Super series? Our CBR colleagues are categorical: it is a desire for redemption, while Dragonball Evolution was unanimously hailed as a bad adaptation of the manga of Akira Toriyama, dubbed a particularly mediocre film. If the failure of the feature film has fortunately not tarnished its popularity with the public, it will nevertheless have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans of Dragon Ball, which includes James Marsters.

On Intagram in April 2018 (shortly before the recording of the web series Vidiots therefore), the latter had also shared a photo of him in Dragon Ball cosplay (see below), evoking his wish to participate in the dubbing of Dragon Ball Super to be forgiven for the film Dragonball Evolution (he also evokes in this same post his regret at not being able to go back in time and convincing his agent not to let him play in the film).

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ViDiOTS Episode 7 is now ready for prime time! ViDiOTS Season 01 | Episode 07: Anything is Possible in Texas (AKA Plano Through the Looking Glass) This episode finds us kicking around Plano, Texas. We went there to visit our friend Chris Sabat (actor / producer / director, Dragonball Z). I had asked him for help in recording a voice-over reel, but really came hoping to impress him enough to score a part in his new project ‘Dragonball Super’. I thought that even a small role in the new series could help redeem myself for the disastrous live action ‘Dragonball Evolution’ movie I inflicted on the world in 2009. Chris saw right through me … While we were there we found ourselves at the Magic Time Machine – Dallas Restaurant and Bar which is kind of a dark, mysterious combination of Chuck E Cheese and peyote. Mark had an hallucinogenic allergic reaction to what was called an ‘Ugly Drink’, and may or may not have caused the death of a Jack Sparrow look alike who worked there. Blinded by desperation, I was hoping against hope that the children’s restaurant was an actual time machine that I could use to go back to 2009 and tell my agent to get me out of my ‘Dragonball Evolution’ contract. #Dragonball https://vimeo.com/store/ondemand/subscribe/87174?popup=true

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If it now appears to be no longer in doubt that James Marsters did indeed double Zamasu in the English version of Dragon Ball Super (he is also officially credited as such on IMDB), the actor never replied Rumor has it whether or not he has lent his voice to the character, for which he still remains to this day as uncredited in the credits, the series, at least under his real name …

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