Dragon Ball Super: a cult villain from the saga back in Super Hero soon in the cinema…

The new Dragon Ball Super feature film should land in France this summer. But who will be the big bad in this direct sequel to Broly? A hypothesis begins to take shape … And it will please the fans!

After the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and its 115 million dollars in worldwide revenue, the Toei studio immediately started work on a sequel.

baptized Superhero, this new episode of the adventures of Son Goku and Vegeta will land in France this summer. The release date has not yet been communicated.

“For more than 30 years, the Dragon Ball franchise has captivated fans around the world who have followed the greatest warriors to defend the Earth against the forces of evil”said Rahul Purini, president of Crunchyroll, which acquired the distribution rights for France.

“We are thrilled to partner with Toei Animation to bring the most eager fans the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super and expand the anime audience who will experience these heroes for the first time.”he concluded in a press release.

As a reminder, the story of this feature film will bring an old enemy back to life: the Red Ribbon Army. It had been destroyed by Son Goku, but individuals decided to revive it. They thus created the ultimate cyborgs, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Self-proclaimed “Super Heroes”, they launch an attack on Piccolo and Son Gohan. What is the purpose of this new organization of the Red Ribbon? Faced with this approaching danger, it’s time for the real heroes to wake up!

If the Red Ribbon army will be back, it will obviously not be the only mythical enemy of the saga to make a comeback!


According to the latest fan theories, Cell is the true antagonist of Super Hero. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the two villains introduced in the trailers, would therefore only be an appetizer before the final fight against this emblematic enemy of Dragon Ball Z.

According Comicbook.comthe actor who doubles Gamma 2, Mamoru Miyanowould have spilled the beans during an interview.

Asked about the outstanding characters of this new opus, the actor said: “Well, as far as the story goes, there’s this character at the very end…but I can’t talk about that at all”.

It was enough for fans to immediately think of Cell, a villain very popular with aficionados of the franchise.


Considered by many to be the best antagonist in the saga, Cell is a humanoid bio-organism created from the cells of Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza and King Cold. Born thanks to the genius of Dr. Gero, (who was also a member of the Red Ribbon army) he aimed to become the ultimate fighter.

Note that Dr. Gero was one of the greatest scientists on Earth. He created all of the artificial humans in the Red Ribbon army.

Dragon ball super: a cult villain from the saga back in super hero soon in the cinema...


In Dragon Ball Z, Cell was killed by Gohan after an epic clash that left a lasting impression on viewers. Will the Red Ribbon army call on the holy dragon Shenron to resurrect this memorable bad guy? Will it be genetically recreated?

In any case, given the way Gohan is highlighted in the trailers, it is not excluded that he will end up fighting Cell again at the end of the film. The green giant will be keen to get his revenge after his bitter defeat against Son Goku’s son.

Be patient, the answer will be given when the film is released in theaters (or in an upcoming French version trailer).

In the meantime, another mythical villain will return to Super Hero: Frieza. His presence is confirmed in a short teaser.


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