Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man No Way Home: Peter Parker’s foe or friend? The clues…

Unveiled yesterday, the new Spider-Man No Way Home trailer didn’t answer all the questions fans were having, but did give some clues about Doctor Octopus’ path nonetheless.

If we will have to wait until December 15 to know once and for all if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have come to lend a hand to Tom Holland in his third solo adventure in the MCU, the new trailer has lifted. the veil on other questions.

Starting with the number of villains that Peter Parker will face in this episode. According to the new images, there will be five, all from previous franchises dedicated to the Weaver: the Green Goblin, Electro, the Lizard, the Sandman and Doctor Octopus. But will the latter be that bad?

Remember that in Spider-Man 2, Otto Octavius ​​(Alfred Molina) is a sympathetic scientist who turns into a supervillain after a failed experiment during which he becomes linked to mechanical arms equipped with artificial intelligence.

Tentacles that take control of his mind until he’s about to destroy New York. However, with the help of Spider-Man, Otto manages to regain control over the mechanical arms and sacrifices himself at the end of Sam Raimi’s film to prevent the destruction of the Big Apple.

A change of camp to be expected?

Yet in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Octopus appears to be in conflict with Spider-Man once again as trailers for the feature show a fight between the two on a bridge. A confrontation that may be short-lived because other shots of the last trailer reveal him chatting with Peter and his friends.

Still keenly observant, fans peeled through the footage from Jon Watts’ movie trailers and noticed that the lights in the tip of Otto’s tentacles are red during the battle on the bridge, meaning the arms control the character. In Spider-Man 2, they turned white when he regained control.

Likewise, his tentacles are gray when he arrives from his universe and then at some point turn red and gold, the colors associated with none other than Iron Man. So is it possible that it’s some technology from Stark Industries absorbed by the supervillain that is making him come to his senses? It is in any case a theory which runs on the Web.

It also appears that Doctor Octopus is not present in what appears to be the final fight between Spider-Man and his other enemies, teased in the latest trailer. Which would prove that the character will not be on the side of the villains throughout the plot of the film.

20 years apart

What is certain, however, is that Tom Holland loved collaborating with Alfred Molina. Asked about the villain he had preferred to face during the event organized with fans for the launch of the new trailer, the actor confided: “I think my favorite is Alfred Molina. Working with him on this film was a lot of fun because he was blown away by all the technological advancements in cinema.

And to continue: “Back then … the arms he had were puppet by four different people and nowadays we obviously don’t do that anymore because it takes a long time and everything is CGI.

Seeing him being very free in the role of Doc Ock was really gratifying because at the time, if he wanted to go there, he had to say to four different people, ‘Guys, I’m going to go there, you follow me and you ask this one to do that ‘. So seeing him have the freedom to bring Doc Ock back to life in a new way was amazing.“, concluded the actor.

Spidey’s other enemies featured in the new trailer:

Dr. Octopus in spider-man no way home: peter parker's foe or friend? The clues...

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Spider-Man No Way Home: 5 cult enemies of Peter Parker revealed in new trailer

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