Doubts about Arte: what is this post- # MeToo film with Muriel Robin?

Tonight at 8:55 p.m., Arte offers an ambitious theatrical unit behind closed doors centered on a renowned television presenter embodied by Muriel Robin, whose life will change following the testimony of a young woman accusing her husband of the worst.

Agnès Baer is editor-in-chief and presenter of a successful investigative program. Married to Gabriel, her lifelong partner and producer of the show, she was at the peak of her career when the revelations of Jeanne, a young woman, caused chaos in her life. Despite the shock, Agnès decides to conduct a personal investigation, at the risk of losing everything.

Unit picked up over 70 minutes, Doubts is a shocking theatrical camera on the weight of the trauma, which surprises by approaching the subject of sexual abuse from another point of view: not that of the victim, but of the wife of the supposed aggressor.

In the role of Agnes, television journalist at the height of her career, Muriel Robin remarkable cruelty and uncertainty, sees his world crumble and becomes a collateral victim of this testimony. In front of her, Elodie Wallace, creator and screenwriter of the film, plays the role of Jeanne, inspired by her own experience.

It’s an idea that I had for a little while. I had a page synopsis page with these three characters, and this idea of ​​a closed door with the theme of sexual assault and a young woman who comes to seek redress.

I wondered what would happen if I went to see the wife of my attacker, who died to him but is still alive. This is a question that I have asked myself very often, and that I still ask myself today: if I were to knock on her door, what would we say to each other? And I started from that idea.

The screenwriter then deepened the exploration of the point of view of the wife in question. What she’s been through, what she knows or doesn’t know, what she has willingly put under the rug and what she would say to him today. She then contacted Anne-Claire Jaulin, screenwriter and longtime friend, to ask her to help her structure this story. From their collaboration was born a play, and the name of Muriel Robin quickly appeared to the designer, who cut her teeth on boulevard comedies.

Her name circulated around me, people suggested her to me a lot. Arte and Muriel Robin on a text dealing with sexual assault, it was a rather inflated assembly that I liked a lot! But it turns out that she is someone who has been accompanying me in spite of herself since I was very little. “

“I took my courage in both hands, I made a little video in my studio of 18 square meters and I told her that I wanted to work with her on a project, that she had to play this character. , that it was necessary to tell this story and that I wanted it to be her.

Doubts about arte: what is this post- # metoo film with muriel robin?
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Muriel Robin (Agnès) and Elodie Wallace (Jeanne)

To her surprise, the actress contacted her again three weeks later. The project is then read by Christopher Robba, his agent, who quickly finds the idea of ​​combining talents not necessarily from the theater, and to make what was originally a play a completely original television object. On the boards, Olivier Claverie (seen in Infidèle and De Gaulle), Robin’s long-time acquaintance, finally completes the cast in the role of Gabriel.

The director Christophe Charrier then helps them adjust the characters and the dramaturgy, before being joined by François Hanss in the production, creating a very modern chiaroscuro atmosphere supported by original music composed by Alex Beaupain.

We needed to repeat, because the word theater existed in this project which was going to be a film and which I have long called a play“explains Muriel Robin, emphasizing the difficulty of the text and its subject.”We were all at the service of this matter, of these children we are talking about. We had a respect for this wonderful writing that the two girls made: chiseled, with a line, tightened in a very dense hour while the piece lasted an hour and a half.

A choice of closed doors for the staging which is explained by the fact that Elodie Wallace originally imagined a play for her text. “There was also a question of means and temporality, and especially with Anne-Claire, we started with this idea of ​​a thriller, we had fed on the film The Young Girl and Death. We wanted there to be a real tension, something a little dizzying to play between these three characters.

As fascinating as it is painful about the difficulty of witnessing and making the truth heard from victims of sexual abuse, served by three remarkable performers, Doubts is a rare and different film object according to Muriel Robin, who leaves the door open to the idea to bring it in front of an audience in the future. “Now we have the distribution; the subject, we brought it so much on the carpet that its violence affects us less, even if it was still during the shooting, so maybe one day we will play it on stage.

Doubts, November 5 on Arte and in replay on

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