Don’t worry, I’m here on France 2: is the young performer of fiction with Samuel Le Bihan really autistic? – News Series

Strong emotions this Monday on France 2 with “Don’t worry, I’m here”, the fiction devoted to autism. Roman Villedieu, the young actor who plays the son of Samuel Le Bihan on the screen, does he himself have the same handicap in the city?

Directed by Pierre Isoard, the France 2 TV movie T’en fais pas, j’suis là allows us to find Samuel Le Bihan as a father overwhelmed by events. His character, Jonathan Rivière, is a brilliant lawyer who is devoted entirely to his career, preferring to leave the full charge of Gabriel, his 12-year-old son diagnosed with autism, to his mother. When this is the victim of a ruptured aneurysm, Jonathan is brutally parachuted into the life of his child. A life of habits and rituals about which he knows absolutely nothing and which quickly seems incompatible with his own. How will he overcome this burden?

Little Gabriel is interpreted with great accuracy by the young Roman Villedieu, seen so far in a series of short films. His game in Don’t worry, I’m here upset the public so much that during the broadcast of the fiction a few weeks earlier in Belgium, viewers sought to know if his performer was himself autistic in life. However, it is not. Gabriel is for Roman Villedieu a role of pure composition. A young talent to follow. Next step with the expected release of the film Bruno Reidal, based on a news item about a young seminarian who killed a 12-year-old child, at the beginning of the 20th century, in Cantal.

Don't worry, i'm here on france 2: is the young performer of fiction with samuel le bihan really autistic? - news series

Jérôme Prébois / France 2

Co-written by Julien Guérif and Pierre Isoard, the screenplay for Don’t worry, I’m here is based on an original idea by Samuel Le Bihan. A subject that the interpreter of Alex Hugo knows well, since he himself has a daughter diagnosed with autism. Like his character, he was confronted with the harsh reality of this handicap. But if Jonathan initially shied away from his responsibilities, the actor has never ceased to fight for the well-being of his child. Co-founder of the platform Autism Info Service, Samuel Le Bihan notably shared his experience through the publication, two years ago, of the book “A happiness that I do not wish on anyone”. In each of its efforts, its concern remains to support families too often deprived in the face of disability and to break down the most ferocious clichés. The book, like the TV movie, remains touching and hopeful testimonies.

The dissemination of Don’t worry, I’m here on France 2 is followed at 10:40 p.m. by a debate led by Julian Bugier on the theme “Living with an autistic child”. Among the speakers, Samuel Le Bihan will discuss with Claire Compagnon, interministerial delegate for autism, Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, child psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Tours, a mother, as well as an educator who accompanies several children on a daily basis. How to improve the care of these children to offer them a future?

Note that the TV movie Don’t worry, I’m here has been available for a few days already in preview on the new platform SALTO.

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