Don’t do this, don’t do that: the actors have changed a lot since season 1!

The successful family series “Do not do this, do not do that” returns this evening on France 2 for a special Christmas episode. The opportunity to review the physical evolution of the actors, and especially the children, since the very beginning in 2007.

Valérie Bonneton - Fabienne Lepic

1. Valérie Bonneton – Fabienne Lepic

Valérie Bonneton, alias Fabienne, the matriarch of Lepic, in season 1 of Fais pas ci, faire pas ça, in 2007, and thirteen years later in the special episode “Will there be Christmas at Christmas”, broadcast tonight on France 2.

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Good news for fans of Do not do this, do not do that : France 2’s successful family series, which ended in 2017 after nine seasons, makes its comeback this evening at 9:05 p.m. for a special episode entitled “Will there be a Christmas at Christmas?”, in which the children Bouley and Lepic will do everything to save the magic of Christmas, while Fabienne (Valerie Bonneton) and Renaud (Guillaume de Tonquédec) have decided to cancel the New Years Eve of December 24 to go to Las Vegas, and that Valérie (Isabelle Gelinas) and Denis (Bruno Salomone) wish to impose ecological and altruistic celebrations on their family. An entire program !

On the occasion of this telefilm event which brings together almost all of the original cast, a look back at the physical evolution of the stars of Fais pas ci, faire pas ça since the broadcast of the first season in 2007. The opportunity to be realize that the interpreters of the “Boulpic” children really grew up at the same time as the series.

The Bouleys and the Lepics are back this evening on France 2 for an unforgettable Christmas:

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