Dominique Boutonnat: the Collectif 5050 calls for the withdrawal of the president of the CNC

Dominique Boutonnat, president of the CNC, is suspected of sexual assault and attempted rape, we learned yesterday. The 5050 Collective calls for a withdrawal, in a press release.

Dominique boutonnat: the collectif 5050 calls for the withdrawal of the president of the cnc

The 5050 Collective issued a press release in reaction to the announcement of the custody yesterday of Dominique Boutonnat, president of the CNC. “In accordance with its work on violence and sexual harassment, the Collective 50/50 fervently militates so that each party present can play its role, from the liberation of the word of the alleged victims to justice. “

“Despite the private framework of this custody, so that the parties and justice can fully and calmly enter into the necessary process, and in order to allow the continuation of its joint work with the CNC, the collective calls for a withdrawal by Dominique Boutonnat, the time for justice to say the law“.

In conclusion, the collective recalls “the importance of respecting this double presumption: the presumption of innocence, and the presumption of veracity and sincerity of the alleged victims“.

For the record, Dominique Boutonnat is accused by his 22-year-old godson of acts allegedly committed last summer. As clarified by BFMTV, the president of the CNC disputed these accusations. “A judicial investigation opened by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office and entrusted to the Hauts-de-Seine judicial police“, indicates the site of the continuous news channel.

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