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Available on Prime Video, “Dom” is a Brazilian series based on a true story about a police officer engaged in drug trafficking who tries to root out his prisoner son of his addictions.

What is it about ?

Victor dedicated his life as a police officer to the fight against crime and more specifically drug trafficking. But his son, Dom, gradually sank into drugs, until he became one of Brazil’s most wanted criminals.

Dom, a series created and written by Breno Silveira.

“Like father, like son” ?

For his second series, the Brazilian director Breno Silveira takes an interest in one of his country’s most infamous news items. Composed of 8 episodes, this biopic, somewhat fictionalized to facilitate the dramatic stakes, is interested in the fate of Pedro Dom.

A drug addict from the age of nine, he became, a few years later, the leader of a group of criminals called Dom Gang. Left to himself in the streets of Copacabana, the young man falls into a downward spiral and into increasingly violent crimes. Pursued by the authorities, he was finally killed 12 days before his 24th birthday in a police operation that went wrong.

The criminal’s father himself belonged to a parapolice group in the 1970s. It is on this detail that the creator and screenwriter of the series decides to focus to tell a tumultuous family relationship, worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Everything opposes the father to his son. The first represents law and order, while its offspring find themselves drowned in crime in order to survive. The program offers many flashbacks to return to the journey of the two men linked, despite everything, by their respective love.

With his sticky and very colorful images, Dom offers a highly charged plot between thriller and family drama. The series takes the time to show the descent into hell of the character of Pedro who, in his journey, rubs shoulders with luxury as well as the misery of the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Gabriel Leone lends his features to Pedro Dom, while his father is played by Flávio Tolezani. Both complement each other and offer rather convincing interpretations. Behind its difficult history, Dom don’t forget to be effective entertainment that is watched all at once.

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