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Disney + subscribers can now discover Dollface, a delightfully feminist American series worn by Kat Dennings.

What is it about ?

After a long-standing relationship, Jules gets dumped by her boyfriend. In order to overcome her new reality as a bachelor, it takes a lot of imagination to reconnect with the friends she had crossed out of her life.

Take back control of your life

A year and a half after its broadcast on Hulu, the Dollface series is coming to us via Star, the “more adult” section of the platform. Disney +. This series created by Jordan Weiss is led by Kat Dennings. A face that fans of 2 Broke Girls know well, just like those of Marvel since she lent her features to Darcy Lewis in Thor and Wandavision. Here she gives the answer to Brenda Song (revealed by The Palace Life of Zack and Cody) and Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars).

Dollface is one of those atypical series in form. She plunges us into the overflowing imagination of the heroine who sometimes finds herself in very strange situations. In the first episode, for example, Jules gets on a bus driven by a cat, with freshly single women on board …

The series deals with different subjects such as femininity, feminism, woman-woman friendship or even the reconquest of oneself. Her heroine does not lack flaws, despite her nickname of dollface (doll face). The drama blithely mocks female stereotypes by pushing the slider all the way.

With its 10 30-minute episodes, Dollface is a series that is easy to binge-watch. It also has the particularity of bringing up some very nice guests. Macaulay Culkin (who shares his screen life with Brenda Song), Matthew Gray Gubler, Margot Robbie and Nikki Reed make brief appearances.

If you liked Dollface on Disney +, know that the series has just been renewed for a season 2.

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