Does Barack Obama’s Past Mean His Future?

Does Barack Obama’s Past Mean His Future?
Does Barack Obama

Does Barack Obama’s Past Mean His Future?

For the third time in as many years, Barack Obama has been chosen to be the Democratic presidential nominee. What this means for the future of the Democratic Party is that a new generation will be standing at the helm. But that is only part of the story. The Democratic Party must stand up and take stock of its political baggage to ensure that its brand is able to evolve into the one that it deserves to be.

Blue-collar Democrats have traditionally voted Democratic. In fact, the most powerful man in the world was once a blue-collar Democrat.

Does Barack Obama

Those Democrats who consider themselves blue-collar can be grouped into two groups. Those who grew up in rural or suburban America and those who moved away for college or jobs.

Today, many Americans are no longer “new” at all. Some have moved out of state and others have left their home country and decided to settle in the United States. This group includes blue-collar and rural residents.

Green-Collar Industries

There are now eight million Americans who work in blue-collar and green-collar industries, yet they remain loyal to the Democratic Party because it gives them a sense of security and stability. Many of these folks do not like the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) and find themselves among the ranks of the uninsured.

Poor Americans have been voting for the Republicans as if they were poor. This is not a coincidence. Indeed, poor Americans have been voting in larger numbers for the GOP than at any time in the past fifty years.

So, do Republicans attack social programs? Absolutely not. But why are they campaigning to end Social Security and Medicare?

The actuality is that they do not want these things for themselves. They know that these programs are vital to a good society. They also know that most elderly people rely on these programs.

Instead of trying to undermine these programs, which the Democrats have supported and passed, the Republicans have longed to be the political party that represents the middle class. As a result, they have pushed hard to slash these programs to the bone. They now propose to cut the cost of Social Security by twenty per cent over a ten year period.

Aggressive campaign

The Democrats are preparing to launch an aggressive campaign against the Tea Party and this might be the right approach. Republicans could make a big mistake by falling for this. It would be a real shame if their budget was cancelled by seniors.

If the Republicans had a real strategy, they would instead be working with blue-collar and green-collar workers to lower their taxes so that they can enjoy these programs. These same Republicans could provide benefits that they would like to have but which are not offered by the current government.

Is Barack Obama’s past is just history? I believe not. He is the product of a blue-collar and green-collar background and his economic policies will inevitably move this country forward.

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