Doctor Strange 2: who is Sam Raimi, the director of the Marvel film and cinema…

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is directed by Sam Raimi, but do you know the rich career of this director with an unusual career?

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...

An inventive handyman

Sam Raimi started at the bottom, all the way down. To shoot amateur short films with no budget. His first professional feature film is the mythical evil Deadwhich places his actor and friend Bruce Campbell facing dangerous demons who possess one by one the friends with whom he left to go green.

Shot for less than 400,000 dollars, this camera around a cabin lost in the woods and its inhabitants allows Raimi to be creative with his camera and to carry out plans which would require all the equipment with the means at hand!

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...
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Evil Dead (1981)

Very quickly, Raimi will switch to comedy with death on the grilla wacky comedy he co-wrote with Joel and Ethan Coen, then stage two sequels to Evil Dead, also more humorous than horrific. In the second opus, Bruce Campbell faces his own hand, while the 3rd film sends him straight to the Middle Ages!

Elusive Choices

While he could have been confined to horror comedy, Raimi tries new things, like when he launches into the western with Dead or alivewhich bears its visual touch and places at the center of the story Sharon Stonesurrounded by Gene Hackman and a very young Leonardo DiCaprio. He continues with one of his best films, the black comedy A Simple Plan, in which three workers find a nest egg and try to hide it.

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...
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Sharon Stone in Dead or Alive

Unfortunately, A simple plan is a failure, just like his next film, For the love of the gamea “sentimental baseball movie” with Kevin Costner. It is therefore logical that in order to bounce back, Raimi returns to the fantastic by staging Keanu Reeves and Cate Blanchett in intuitionthe story of a woman able to read the future in the cards.

A superhero movie from 1990!

Between the two Evil Dead sequels, Raimi takes advantage of the success of the Batman of Tim Burton to stage Darkmanthe story of a geneticist (Liam Neeson) disfigured by killers and who foments his revenge by inventing a secret identity. Exit the comedy, the tone is dark, horrifying and bloody.

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...


Two sequels will see the light of day without Liam Neeson, produced by Raimi: Durant’s Return and Darkman III. The first film is a nugget hidden in the filmography of its author, to catch up urgently and for which a sequel is in preparation:

During the 2000s, Raimi made three films for which he is most famous to date: the trilogy Spiderman carried by Tobey Maguire. If they will not always be a pleasure to shoot, these feature films then ensure him an incredible success and a notoriety which still accompanies him to this day.

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...
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Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin

It then becomes unimaginable for the majority of the public that Peter Parker will one day change his face as the role seems to stick to his interpreter, and Raimi seems to have found the right balance between humor and action. However, the third film, launched a little too quickly, divided the public and the planned fourth was canceled in favor of a reboot of the Marvel franchise.

Producer of cult series

Sam Raimi is also a prolific producer, since in the mid-1990s, he launched the series Hercules and Xena the Warriorbut also in 2010 Spartacus Where Ash vs Evil Dead (2015), sequel to his film trilogy. He is also the financier of several horror films such as Poltergeist (2015), don’t breathe Where possessed (2012).

Doctor strange 2: who is sam raimi, the director of the marvel film and cinema...
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Xena the warrior, a series produced by Sam Raimi

During the 2010s, Raimi drifted away from directing despite two films that were largely worth watching: To hell (2009) and The fantastic world of Oz (2013). He returned last Wednesday to our theaters with one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which also features an evil book, the Darkhold, which looks like a distant cousin of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from the Evil Dead movies. The circle is complete !

A final word: Danny Elfman

This composer should not only be associated with Tim Burton, for whom he has provided most of the soundtracks until today. Danny Elfman also composed the music for 9 films by Sam Raimi, including the Spider-Man trilogy, but also Un plan simple.

Their first collaboration took place as early as Darkman (1990), and Elfman greatly contributed to giving Raimi’s films an extra breath and a distinct personality. And the two men are still on good terms, since they are working together again on Doctor Strange 2, currently in theaters!

5 things to know about Doctor Strange 2 (spoiler-free):

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