Doctor Strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the Web

In the trailer for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, there is this quasi-official 100% return of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. And those more mysterious characters that are the subject of theories.

Internet users were waiting for The Lord of the Rings. It was finally the Master of the Mystical Arts who made the event during the SuperBowl, with a trailer that appeared by surprise. Or magic, to stay in the theme of this second solo adventure of Doctor Strange… which will not really be alone.

Besides the returns of Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Christine (Rachel McAdams) and Wong (Benedict Wong) around Benedict Cumberbatch, or the introduction of America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), the feature film by Sam Raimi should involve a lot of characters. Whether it’s variants of the hero or Professor Xavier, leader of the X-Men, played by Patrick Stewart.

An unexpected return and almost 100% confirmed by the trailer, which suggests that the secret group of the Illuminati (of which Strange is a part in the comic books, alongside Namor, Mr. Fantastic or Iron Man) will be present. Unveiled a few hours later, a TV spot gave a layer.

Today, it is clear that it is not so much Professor Xavier who ignites the Web as those whose identity has not been confirmed, whether it is a silhouette (bright or in shadow) or more or less visible clues that link the film to the animated series What If…? From what to give birth to a package of theories like that of Sensacinatedaccording to whom the MCU that we know since 2008 would only be an alternative reality created by Wanda, as in the comic book “House of M” released in 2005.

Suffering from the side effects of her powers, the overpowered heroine gives birth to a parallel world devoid of mutants, and this would explain their absence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (linked to the fact that Fox owned the rights before its acquisition by Disney). The “truth” what Xavier proposes to tell Strange in the trailer would therefore not be about the Illuminati but about what he thinks he knows about his world.


In the comic book, a team is formed to neutralize Scarlet Witch, and therefore this would lend weight to the rumor that makes her the villain of Doctor Strange 2, symbolized by a line from the trailer in which she compares the treatment of his and Strange’s actions by public opinion.

But the twist “Welcome to the real world”which can work on paper for the time of a limited series would amount to sweeping away with the back of the hand what has been in place on the small and big screen for nearly fifteen years, with the risk of breaking the impact emotions of certain events.

It would therefore seem more likely that Kevin Feige and his teams will go for the options “multiverse” and “secret society” to introduce the X-Men and Fantastic 4. Or just upend the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. While waiting to be fixed, next May 4, here are the names that have been agitating the Web for a few days.



Doctor strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the web
Screenshot/Twentieth Century Fox

In the comic books, the members of the Illuminati are six: Charles Xavier, Namor, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Arrow and Mr. Fantastic. Insofar as the trailer very much hints (not to say confirms) that the hero is brought to their HQ, everything suggests that it also gives us a glimpse of some of the characters that make up this society. secret.

And for many, the leftmost hero is none other than Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four. A quartet whose integration into the MCU is only a matter of time, since the reboot has already been entrusted to Jon Watts (Spider-Man Homecoming and its sequels) for a release in 2023 at the earliest . But will Doctor Strange 2 be the first step in their return?

Note this small white or silver glow on the character’s costume, which could be the 4-shaped logo. As well as his arm which, on this plan, seems large. And therefore fitting with the powers of Reed Richards, able to stretch his body. And if it is indeed him, his acronym is placed here on the side of his costume (and not in the center as in the comic books), which recalls that of Ioan Gruffudd in the films of 2005 and 2007.

Like Patrick Stewart in Charles Xavier, will the actor resume his role (even if it means then handing over to the reboot by playing the card of parallel universes)? Or will we be entitled to another interpreter who will be unveiled in the film? Another option: Mr. Fantastic, if it’s him, will only be a silhouette remaining in the shadows, while waiting for the casting of Jon Watts’ film. A hypothesis that also applies to Namor.


Doctor strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the web

If everyone agrees that Mr. Fantastic sits in the HQ of the Illuminati, this mysterious luminous character who faces Scarlet Witch is more debated. Insofar as a member of the Fantastic 4 would be present, many thought of Johnny Storm, aka the Torch. But it would be surprising if the film hid the leader in the shadows, to cast doubt, before revealing his sidekick in full light. Especially since the halo that surrounds it looks less like fire than cosmic powers seen in another film.

It is also this reason, among others, which leads us to believe that it is not an Iron Man bis. Since the character is part of the Illuminati in the comic books, the presence of a variant of Tony Stark would make sense, especially since many take at face value this rumor that Tom Cruise would take over the role, after a long been attached to an adaptation. For these people, this image serves as confirmation.

And all the more so since the star of Mission Impossible would be, still according to these rumors, in the armor of the Superior Iron Man, version of Tony Stark whose powers are increased by the Extremis virus, seen in Iron Man 3, and which makes those who have received it glow orange. But there again: why not simply reveal the face of the character before showing him in action? Because it’s actually someone we’ve seen before?

As the TV spot shows better than the trailer, this mysterious character has a feminine silhouette, in addition to appearing more slender than Tom Cruise. And the halo that surrounds it is very reminiscent of that of Captain Marvel. So it could be Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), expected in The Marvels on February 15, 2023, with the powers she obtained in WandaVision. Which would explain his face-to-face with Scarlet Witch, whose origin dates back to their joint passage in the town of Westview.

Another option raised by Internet users: it would not be Monica but her mother Maria, her haircut being closer to that of Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel. In the reality which is the one developed since 2008 in the cinema, the character is certainly dead. But the possibility of a variant from a parallel world is possible, in addition to allowing Marvel to recall the one who caused a stir in the last James Bond. With the multiverse, anything and everything can happen. Hoping that the “anything” does not prevail.


Doctor strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the web
The Walt Disney Pictures

The presence of the evil Strange at the end of the first teaser served as confirmation: the animated series What If…? was no disconnected bonus from the MCU, and its alternate realities will make their way to live-action movies and series. And the poster reminds us of this with this piece of shield in the colors of the English flag, which belongs to Captain Carter.

Either an alternate version of Peggy Carter who would have received the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. Voiced by Hayley Atwell, which makes the idea of ​​seeing her in the flesh in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness all the more plausible. At this stage, no one knows if his eventual appearance would be brief or more substantial, but it would bring in the Guardians of the Multiverse, seen at the end of season 1 of What If…? Even if, between them and the Illuminati, it risks making many groups in the same film.


Doctor strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the web

Another link between Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and What If…? : the zombified versions of Scarlet Witch and Stephen Strange. As in episode 5 of season 1 of the animated series, the success of which gave Marvel the desire to draw a show in its own right. The feature film of Sam Raimi could also serve as a launching pad, but perhaps these undead will just be present in one of the dimensions visited by the hero, if not at the heart of the story.


Doctor strange 2: this mysterious character of the trailer ignites the web
The Walt Disney Pictures/Twentieth Century Fox

Let’s face it straight away: this one is technical. Not to say vague. But internet users think they saw the talkative mercenary on a shard of glass at the top left of the poster, between the faces of Strange and Wong. And in one of his most famous breaks, index finger over mouth. As if to tell us not to spread the joke he is about to make.

Is it an optical illusion created by a fortuitous alignment of pixels and lights? Or a real clue? It is true that a character as meta as Deadpool, with his way of addressing the spectator, would be like a fish in water within the multiverse where each variant can be the object of a wink . But wouldn’t the presence of Ryan Reynolds risk interfering with the tone of the whole.

Maybe a higher quality version of the poster will allow you to zoom in better and sort this all out. Otherwise it will be, at the latest, for May 4th.

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