Doc on TF1: where is the new medical series filmed? – News Series on TV

Doc on TF1: where is the new medical series filmed?  – News Series on TV

Since last Wednesday, TF1 has been broadcasting “Doc”, a medical series inspired by a true story that comes straight from Italy. Tour between Rome and Milan, discover where the shots were taken …

Since last Wednesday, TF1 has launched the broadcast of Doc, an Italian medical series, which follows Andrea Fanti, a doctor, who, following a head trauma, suffers from permanent partial memory loss. Against all expectations, he will manage to find a new way to practice his profession. Si Pierdante Piccioni, the doctor whose the story is adapted, works at the Lodi hospital in Tuscany, a large part of the series was filmed between Rome and Milan.

The scenes taking place in the hospital are in fact filmed in Formello, a small town near Rome where the Lux Vide studios, the production company of Doc. For the occasion, an entire hospital has been reconstituted to serve as a filming location. To ensure the authenticity and realism of this medical fiction, some scenes were also shot at the university hospital on the Bio-Medico campus, located in the suburbs of Rome.

Even though much of the story takes place in this fictional hospital, Doc still enjoys an outdoor scene shot in Milan, especially in episode 3 broadcast this evening at 9:05 pm on TF1. In “Nothing personal”, Doctor Andrea Fanti, played by Luca Argentero, wanders the streets of this city which has changed a lot compared to its memories. During his walk, he discovers a district made up of modern skyscrapers: the business district Citylife, north-west of the historic city center. It is one of the most innovative districts from an architectural point of view, and it is easily recognizable thanks to the buildings designed by the late Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect and town planner, an important figure in the deconstructivist movement.

It is not surprising that the amnesiac doctor discovers this new part of the city, since construction began in 2007, and was to be completed in 2020 … which is exactly the period that Andrea Fanti erased from her memory.

Find Doc every Wednesday evening from 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

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