Doc on TF1: Silvia Mazzieri (Alba) reacts to the death of her character at the…

Doc on TF1 Silvia Mazzieri Alba reacts to the death

Season 2 of “Doc” ended this Wednesday evening on TF1 with an emotional final episode which was the scene of the death of one of the emblematic characters of the medical series.

Season 2 of Doctor ended last night on TF1 on the occasion of an evening rich in emotion. In the last episode, Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero) and the doctors of the internal service of the hospital had to deal with an epidemic of Klebsiella which put the lives of some members of the team in great danger.

As they find themselves in quarantine, Ricardo (Pierpaolo Spollon), who is in bad shape, is watched day and night by Alba (Silvia Mazzieri). In order to save them all, Dr. Fanti has the idea of ​​resorting to an antibiotic that is no longer used.

But if Ricardo is saved, Alba loses her life because of the treatment. In a sequence rich in emotion, the young woman, who knows she is condemned, bids farewell to her colleagues who cannot hold back their tears.

The death of Alba Patrizi in the last episode of Doc deeply moved fans of the medical series, who were still mourning Dr. Lorenzo Lazzarini (Gianmarco Saurino), who died of Covid during season 2. Faced with the dissatisfaction of viewers, Silvia Mazzieri, who plays the young doctor, wanted to explain on her behalf the reasons for her departure.

I wanted to thank you for all the affection you express towards me and I wanted to tell you that I am extremely grateful,” she wrote. “Among the characters that I have had the chance to interpret over the years, that of Alba is certainly the most significant..”

I also want to point out that after years of hard work by the scriptwriters and the production teams, I too was surprised by the decision to kill off Alba, who no longer found a satisfactory dramaturgical space”. The actress, who learned of her pregnancy on the set of season 2 of Doc, also wanted to reassure her fans by reaffirming that this news had nothing to do with her departure.

According to the actress, the writers made the decision to kill Alba because they had nothing left to offer the character. Viewers also did not fail to notice that the young woman had been sidelined in this season 2, the character being absent from several episodes.

Alba was more withdrawn compared to the first season”, thus explained Silvia Mazzieri during an interview on “The character was less developed. As she was very beloved by viewers, the writers crafted an ending that would allow her to be remembered. When I read the scene, I found it magnificent.”

If the actress accepts the fate of her character, she is no less nostalgic. “Alba’s journey has gone hand in hand with mine. Since I started embodying it, I have seen a part of me change. I recognized myself in her shyness and it was emotionally powerful to see the determination with which she faced the obstacles that stood in her way.

Alba’s death symbolized letting go of the most fragile part of my personality, to transform it. She leaves this world turning to a ray of sunshine, I too am always looking for the light in life. With her death, a cycle closed and another even more important opened, that of motherhood..”

This surprise death therefore opens the door to new amorous intrigues for Riccardo, who had been in a relationship with Alba since the end of season 1. And according to the declarations of the two scriptwriters of Doc, Viola Rispoli and Francesco ArlanchSeason 3 will see the characters make a fresh start and face new challenges.

Find season 1 of Doc in full on Salto. The last episodes of season 2 of the medical series are available for replay on MyTF1 and Salto.