Doc on TF1: how has the coronavirus impacted the medical series?

Doc on tf1: how has the coronavirus impacted the medical series?

Last March, Italy was heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and filming had to be interrupted, like the medical series “Doc”.

Every Wednesday evening, TF1 broadcasts the first season of Doc, a medical drama straight from Italy. True success in its country of origin, with an average of 8 million viewers, the series was however affected by the coronavirus epidemic, which particularly affected Italy and the region in which it is filmed.

While filming in March, the production of Doc was forced to stop when the containment was put in place on the other side of the Alps, thus pushing back the shoots from the end of season 1 to the end of the season. ‘summer. Italian viewers therefore watched this first season in 2 parts: the first eight episodes were broadcast between March and April, and the last eight between October and November 2020. Luckily, French fans will not have to wait to find out what which will happen to Doctor Fanti, since TF1 has decided to offer the whole season in one go.

Regarding the plot, the writers also had to review certain scenes in order to respect the health protocol. Francesco Arlanch, screenwriter and creator of the series, confided in an interview for the Vanity Fair Italian: “the content remained the same as there were only 10 days of filming left before the season was completed. There have, however, been some changes to avoid hugs and kisses.. ”

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As a reminder, Doc is a medical series inspired by a true story, which follows Andrea Fanti, played by Luca Argentero, a doctor who suffered from memory loss following a head trauma. He will then have to start from scratch if he ever wants to become the great doctor he once was again.

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