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This week, we talk about shinigami, science and psychic powers in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.



Bleach follows fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki. The latter has a particular gift: that of seeing spirits. One day, he crosses paths with a beautiful Shinigami (a spiritual being) chasing a “lost soul”, an evil spirit that haunts our world and cannot find rest.

Put in difficulty by her enemy, the young girl decides to lend part of her powers to Ichigo, but the latter ultimately inherits all the power of the Shinigami. Forced to assume his new status, Ichigo will have to manage his two lives: that of an ordinary high school student, and that of a demon hunter.

Flagship title of studio Pierrot (Naruto), Bleach is part of the pantheon of the most popular anime in the world. Taken from the manga created by Tite Kubo, the series holds its breath during its 366 episodes, carried by ultra charismatic characters, an intrigue mastered from start to finish and epic fights!

In addition, the anime benefits from a biting humor that brings a note of lightness in the middle of very serious phases. The icing on the cake, the series will be entitled to an adaptation of its brand new arc called Thousand-Year Blood War. Scheduled for fall 2022, this final season will bring a conclusion awaited as never before by the fans, who have been stamping for 10 years. And if you haven’t yet watched this cult animated movie, it’s high time to get started!


As regular high school student Taiju is about to confess his feelings to a young girl, a bright green light suddenly appears and petrifies all of humanity. But Taiju manages to stay conscious.

The years pass but, motivated by the idea of ​​confessing his love, he manages to free himself from this petrification and finds a message which leads him to find his friend Senku. The latter managed to keep his consciousness alive by counting the seconds. Thus, Taiju learns that the current date is October 5, 5738 …

Very original manga born from the collaboration between Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) and Riichirō Inagaki (Eyeshield 21), Dr. STONE can boast of his very good quality animated adaptation. In this atypical shônen, the duels are not won by the force of the fists alone, but mainly by the power of the mind.

At the same time funny but also very deep in its questioning on the notions of humanity and civilization, Dr. STONE is a wildly entertaining series, which amuses as much as it enriches.

After two very effective first seasons, a third is expected for 2023. And to wait until then, a special episode will be broadcast next summer.


In 2020, many humans are born with psychic powers. They quickly find themselves threatened by creatures that have fallen from the stratosphere. To protect them, the government created the BEA, an extermination brigade.

Yuito Sumeragi, a psychokinesist, has been training as a volunteer soldier since the BEA rescued him as a child. Kasane Randall, meanwhile, was recruited by the brigade. If they want to make it out alive, both will have to face a fate they still know nothing about.

Based on a Bandai Neco video game, Scarlet Nexus takes us into a cyberpunk universe where dynamic fights and mind-blowing psychic powers blend! If the scenario, rather classic, does not surprise, you will quickly let yourself be carried away by the many mysteries which surround this futuristic and dangerous Japan.

Do not let yourself be disturbed by the few gray areas of the story. Everything gradually clears up during unpredictable revelations. An animated, action-packed RPG that’s sure to make you want to take on the eponymous game!

And after more than six months of broadcast, the anime will end this Thursday in a final which promises to be already grandiose!

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